Saturday, October 11, 2008

FaLLiNg in Love

I love this time of year. Its my favorite time! Fall into Winter! Too bad we really dont have a fall or winter here in Vegas! No matter what its still my favorite time of year. I start to get into the holiday mode begining with Noahs Birthday (at the end of September). Here are some reasons I love fall:

* The beautiful colors of the leaves falling off the trees. (even though we dont really have that here.)
*The smell of pumpkins and cider in the air.

*The cooler weather and a reason to put on another layer or two.
*The end of one time and the beginning of another, slower simpliar pace. (until christmas that is)
*Carving pumpkins.

*Getting out the decorations and redoing the "look of the living room".
*Picking out costumes and getting to dress up my kids and myself.
*Eating LOTS of yummy food, as well as getting to bake it.
*Sharing the season with loved ones.
Mostly I just love the feeling in the air, my heart gets so full and I just get so giddy knowing what time of year it is. Its like when I was a kid but even better because I get to be the one who is taking care of all of the food and decorations and treating my family to something special. It makes me reflect on life and all my blessings. To spend this time of year with my wonderful husband and my beautiful babies and to take them to do all the things that I enjoyed as a kid, or did not get the chance to do. I love the spirit in the air and how everything just seems to be better, taste better, look better, feel better, and people even seem to be nicer.

In the spirit of the holidays and the season we went to Gilcrease Orchard here in Vegas to pick some pumpkins. We let Landon pick his own and then we got two more. I like the green and orange ones so we got some of those. It was nice to do something fun for Landon, he has been watching Mickey Mouse Halloween and was all ready to get pumpkins, he had a blast. The drive was closed so we had to walk in and we ended up walking 2 miles total (maybe more) and Landon was such a trooper. He did tell us that he was tired and ready to go and take a nap but he did not whine and he hung in there so good, made me proud. He has asked every morning if we could go get more pumpkins. The pumkins at the patch were not that big so we went and bought a 10 pound one at the store to carve and he picked out two more tiny ones "Braddoc" pumpkins he calls them. He wants to carry the pumpkins all over with him, he really loves them.


Boston Family said...

I love fall too. I can't wait to take Blake to get a pumpkin. I think we will go to Tate Farms and do a hay ride and such. I love pumpkins!

Christina said...

I Love Fall too! I'm loving the weather change we are having, it's the best!