Monday, October 20, 2008

Dont!!!! Dont!!!! Dont!!!!

Landon has been having bloody noses lately, usually he wakes up with a little bit of a bloody nose but never this bad. Noah called me into his room and this is what I found. At first I thought he had fallen out of bed and landed on his face but it was only a bloody nose. A pretty bad one too. I dont know what to do, he has a humidifier in his room right by his bed but he still gets the bloody noses, poor kid I hope he does not get them forever and I hope it does not hurt him.
We are potty training so we get to run around with a shirt and no undies. He has finally figured out how to pull down his undies and so now he gets to wear undies and his shirt. He is doing really good and only has poo poo accidents, for some reason I can not get him to go on his potty. He is doing really good with pee pee and does not have accidents. Any tips on how to get him to go poop on his potty? He went on the diningroom floor the other day and hid under the table and called me into the room by saying "Mom, mom poop on kitchen." Then he had an accident in front of the TV. He is a shy pottier and has been holding his poop until we put a diaper on him for nap or bed and then goes as soon as the diaper is on.

In the picture above you can kind of see a bandaid on his leg, he is obsessed with Bandaids and thinks they are stickers, he has to wear one all day long and wants them all over his body. That day it was his legs, today it was both feet. :O)

He loves to read and has been starting to figure out his books by listening to me read them over and over, so he will sit and read the books. Its so much fun to watch him learn.

Landon is on this new DONT kick! I dont know what word I dislike more "dont" or "no"! He tells us all the time dont do this or dont do that.

If I am tickling him "Dont tickle him". If I am trying to hold him and he does not want to be held he looks at me very seriously and says "Dont touch him, dont hold him." If I am going to get him or grab him if he is going to fall he tells us "Dont push him." I love how he says him, these little ones dont quit understand the whole vocab yet and it cracks me up how they actually say things. Its too cute to hear. He also tells us "Dont talk, Stop Dont!" if Noah and I are talking and he is trying to hear the TV or he wants our attention and to not pay attention to each other. He also says "Dont kiss" and will push himself between us if we are kissing each other. Such a silly little boy! So we get lots of Donts!!! It actually cracks us up.

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Tara and family said...

Landon cracks me up! My kids both had bloody noses in Vegas, I used the humidifier and would use saline drops in their nose, as well as vaseline around the inside. It helped a little, but they stopped when we moved away. I think Jade has had one since moving to Utah. And Utah is way dry too, I don't know what the difference is. Good luck!