Monday, October 20, 2008

Dating and Debating

So Noah and I had our first baby free date since Braddoc was born!! YEAH! Kirsten watched the boys for us and Noah and I finally got to go see the movie we have been wanting to see for awhile now, Eagle Eye. It was a really good movie, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to watch a movie that makes you think and has lots of action and some really great acting.

It was so nice to be able to go out to with Noah and be just us for a bit. We enjoyed talking about the movie the whole way home and have adult conversation where Landon was not in the background saying "DONT! DONT, STOP TALKING" :O) (got to love kids). We enjoyed debating issues that were brought up in the movie and talking about the future. Noah teased me because the main computer in the movies name is Aria, which he said is very close to my name and is exactly what Ila calls me (she adds Ah to alot of names now). He said I like to be in control and can go a little overboard and be crazy like the computer in the movie. :O) Gee thanks honey!

We were going to take Braddoc and be "those people who brought their baby to the movie", but Kirsten graciously offered to watch both the kiddos for us. She said that Braddoc did so good and was so happy and content. I am so greatful to have such a wonderful friend who loves my family and who loves my boys so much. She is so wonderful and my kids love her. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people around me. I am greatful for a wonderful evening spent with my husband. Thanks Kirsten for a wonderful treat.

So quick thought on the movie. This "lady" calls people and tells them if they want to live or if they dont want something bad to happen to them or the ones they love them they will do what she tells them to do. The characters however think its a terrorist telling them to do all this stuff. So its save your life or your loved ones life but wind up taking many more lives in return. What would you do? I mean if you dont do it will your loved one die (say your child) and then will they just find someone else who is willing to do it and so either way it happens and you have lost a loved one because it was not you who did it. Its crazy, I cant imagine something like that.... talk about scary and confusing! Glad its not me! So anyone else have any thoughts one that? What would you do?

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Momma Hoffman said...

I know my hubby wouldn't. We watched a movie once where they kidnapped a guy and his family and put guns to his family members head and said, do what we want or they die. Spencer turned to me and told me,(I'm paraphrasing of course) "just so you know...I would let them kill you to save all the other people, cause chances are, they will kill us anyway, and when I don't do it, they'll kill me too, so we'll all be together again anyway!" So reasurring, huh? Anyway, as much as I see his point and agree, I just don't know that in the heat of the moment I'd be able to say "no".