Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazy Eights

8 shows i like to watch:
1. Greys Anatomy
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Lost
4. One Tree Hill
5. Criminal Minds
6. Friends
7. College Football (okay its not a show, but its one TV, so it counts.)
8. My First Home

8 restaurants i like to eat at:
1. Outback
2. Olive Garden
3. Red Robin
4. Chevys
5. Beni Hanas
6. Carls Jr
7. Mongolian BBQ
8. Kirstens House (okay not a Resturant but she makes us oh so yummy wheat free food, so its just as good as one, thanks kirsten)

8 things that happened today:
1. Hubby got up with the kiddos and let me sleep in
2. finished Visit Teaching the last lady on my route
3. Played Horsey on the floor with Landon
4. Paid bills
5. reorganized bookshelves
6. made a yummy sun dried tomato chicken and pasta dinner
7. looked online for some christmas movies to get for our movie nights, (Landons favorite thing)
8. had a Noahless movie night with Landon

8 things i am looking forward to:
1. Christmas
2. Noah going back to the day shift
3. getting the boys dress for halloween
4. taking our family trip next spring.....can you say disneyworld!!!!
5. A full night of sleep, no baby waking up, and me waking up on my own
6. having Landon potty trained
7. family photos
8. another date with my hot husband

8 things on my wish list: dream house with a huge pantry, walkin closets, a huge shower, a basement rec room, a swimming pool (or a lake) room for our growing family that is all ours in a state we actually like living in
2. having all my food storage taken care off and ready for whatever is to come
3. Noah getting a huge raise or working for the DOD
4. a clothing shopping spree
5. lots more healthy babies coming into our home with out too much infertility work on my part
6. a Cadillac Escalade
7. live somewhere with 4 seasons
8. winning free vacations every year to the destination of our choice (hey a girl can dream cant she?)

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Kirsten and Jon said...

Your too sweet, I'm glad I made your top 8 places to eat, we like having you over :)