Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crafty Creations

Landon has really been into coloring and painting lately so I have been trying to come up with craft ideas. He loves the tride and true craft of coloring in his coloring book but I wanted to do something more. I found this neat idea on a friend of mines page. Its a caterpillar. :o) You take an egg carton, cut it in half and then let the kiddos paint it and stick on fun stuff, it sticks to the paint so no glue. YEAH!!! Landon put some eyes (buttons) and ears (paperclips) on but then he kept wanting to move them, so no eyes or ears for this guy. :O) It was a blast and was cheap (stuff I have laying around the house) Totally fun craft project.

More crafty pics to come. I bought some stuff on sale at Micheals to make ornaments and snow globes. (plastic, too cool!) Landon has been asking me every day to make those, so when Halloween is over we will move on to those.

You can see Scooby Doo in the coloring book. Thats Landons new favorite, he LOVES scooby doo, just like his daddy. He has to wear scooby doo band aids all the time, he loves Shaggy too. :O) Silly kid!

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Kirsti said...

Looks like fun!