Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Post, this time in Threes!!!

3 Joys:
1. My faith, I dont know who I would be with out it
2. My wonderful husband and beautiful children
3. My wonderful friends who make lifes crazy moments a little bit easier

3 Fears:
1. Losing my children! Be it physically or spiritually
2. Losing my husband, I want to raise our family togethr
3. Sharks

3 Goals:
1. To live each day to the fullest and never have any regrets. To be able to see the best in each day and find the joy in my trials
2. See an Alabama vs Auburn game in person
3. Watch all of my boys serve missions and all my children get married in the temple

3 Obsessions:
1. Cooking
2. Decorating and organizing the house
3. Giving my boys kisses

3 Surprising Facts:
1. I have always thought having 12 kids would be awesome
2. I miss the snow
3. I love watching college football.

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1. Kirsti
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