Tuesday, October 07, 2008

AHHH the life of a toddler!

So I had a post with Braddoc pictures here is a post with Landon pictures!!!

He likes to stand on the counter to brush his teeth after he takes his bath. I thought this looked pretty cool and had to take a picture. :O)

He feeds Elmo when I feed Braddoc and then he burps him. And Elmo really make the eating sound and the burping sound. Landon loves it! He loves to help me burp Braddoc too. He even lays Elmo down and gives him a kisses and says "Its okay baby, I feed you." Which is basically what I do when I am preparing to feed Braddoc, so funny the things they pick up on.
I love these two together. They are so cute and have so much fun. Landon truly loves Ila, we all love Ila and are so blessed to have the Armstrongs in our life. I saw Landon talking on the phone and heard him say "I love you Ila." I thought it was cute and asked him if he was talking to Ila? Yeah he says and Kirsten. Then I hear Ila on the other end.... so he was talking to her, some how he called them. So cute!!! However, a little young for the I love yous too any girl besides mom.

We had company over for dinner and I was setting the table and come back into the dining room only to see this. He helped himself to the Ranch and was procceeding to eat it by itself with his spoon. He had a fit when I washed most the Ranch off the plate and made him eat real food too. Mean mom! He loves to eat Ranch and Sour Cream all by itself. Such a weird kid. He also calls anything that is white and sort of the same texture as Sour Cream, Sour Cream, like ice cream and whip cream. Come on mom, they are all creams..... right?

He is a football fanatic. If we are flipping through the chanels and he sees a football game he gets all excited and tells us to stop. He starts cheering and gets so excited and runs up to the TV yelling GO GO GO!!!! FAST! GET THE BALL! He really gets into it and wants to watch it all the time. He loves ALABAMA too and yells Roll Tide all the time. I found an Alabama pendent and put it up in his room, it has the Alabama A on it and says Alabama and he knew exactly what it was, he saw it on the wall and yelled GO ALABAMA!!!!! ROLL TIDE!!!! He cracks me up how much he gets into the game and yells at the players. I think these pictures really capture his football persona.

So there is the other love of my life. Enjoy!


Jen said...

Uh oh! Landon's got the bug. I hope you like football, but it appears you have a lot of it in your future! Tristan started freaking out about football when he was about 2 and... well, you've seen my blog! It's all we live for now! Good times!

Christina said...

I never thought Ranch dressing could look so unappetizing. :) Ila and Landon are too cute together.