Thursday, October 30, 2008

My hundred Acre Woods

So if you ever watch cartoons on the Disney Channel in the morning you will know who I am, if not, Ill tell you. I asked Landon what we should be for halloween and this is what he picked. Pooh, Tigger, Darby. Darby is Christopher Robins little sis, she is one of Tigger and Poohs friends, THE SUPER SLUETHS!! They slove all the problems in the hundred acre woods, and Landon LOVES them. He can quote a lot of the Super Sleuth sayings and so thus our Costumes. Landon is pooh, Braddoc is Tigger and mommy is Darby.... daddy is at work. We had a blast at the trunk or treat. Landon was not really sure what to do and it took a bit for him to catch on but once he did he did so good. He kind of got run over by the bigger kids, and he is so soft spoken that he got over looked, so mommy had to urge him forward, some of the trunks scared him but he hung in there. He kept wanting to eat the candy. He would put some in his mouth, realize it had the wrapper on it, take it out hand it to me and tell me "I dont like it!" (oh darn no candy for him). When we were done him and his little friend Ila were running around being crazy. They kept running in circles and dancing the the halloween songs. People kept commenting that they were really hopped up on candy. Funny thing though, Landon did not have a single piece, he is just crazy busy all the time.

When we were leaving he told me he had to go potty, so into the building and to the little nursery potty, he did so good, I was so proud. (he also went while we were shopping today, in the store, TWICE!!!! we are on a roll yeah Landon!)

I am so not a red head~~~ I love my brown hair, this wig made me really appriciate it!!

The Super Sleuths.

My boys, besterific buds! (as tigger would say)

Kirsten and John, (our good friends) dressed up as Mario and Luigi, too cute!! Good job Kirsten! Ila their little girl (above) was Princess Peach, they did so good. Kirsten helped me out big time since I was husbandless, she took Braddoc and held him while he feel asleep while she passed out candy. Thank you so much Kirsten!!!! We love you guys!!!

More trick or treating pics tommorow!!!

My little elephant!

The is probably my favorite outfit. I LOVE elephants and when I saw this in the store before I was ever even pregnant with Landon I HAD to get it!!! So Landon wore it and now Braddoc wears it. I love the little ears!!! Such cute boys! They are like little twins, I can not belive how much alike they look at that age. They are there own little men, but so much brothers. Its just crazy to me. I dont even think Landon looks like the same kid. :O) The ones up top are Landon and the ones below are Braddoc.

Crazy Hair!!!

Landon hates for us to dry his hair. He wants to let it air dry, but I dont want him to get sick and he takes a bath RIGHT before bed so I dont have time to let it air dry. So we have been trying to make a game out of it and making crazy hair, which sometimes he thinks is fun, but if he is really tired I get his little Landon attitude. You can see by his faces in these pictures that he is 2 going on 20....:O) he knows how to give me attitude without saying a word. Turning his back on the picture!

Come on mom!

Crafty Creations

Landon has really been into coloring and painting lately so I have been trying to come up with craft ideas. He loves the tride and true craft of coloring in his coloring book but I wanted to do something more. I found this neat idea on a friend of mines page. Its a caterpillar. :o) You take an egg carton, cut it in half and then let the kiddos paint it and stick on fun stuff, it sticks to the paint so no glue. YEAH!!! Landon put some eyes (buttons) and ears (paperclips) on but then he kept wanting to move them, so no eyes or ears for this guy. :O) It was a blast and was cheap (stuff I have laying around the house) Totally fun craft project.

More crafty pics to come. I bought some stuff on sale at Micheals to make ornaments and snow globes. (plastic, too cool!) Landon has been asking me every day to make those, so when Halloween is over we will move on to those.

You can see Scooby Doo in the coloring book. Thats Landons new favorite, he LOVES scooby doo, just like his daddy. He has to wear scooby doo band aids all the time, he loves Shaggy too. :O) Silly kid!

I love my brother!

Braddoc adores Landon. Any time he sees him he gets a big smile on his face and just stares at him. He will sit and watch him for a long time and just smile and coo and stare some more. I am so glad they love each other so much, hopefully that will keep up.
Landon was a drooler, Braddoc is a bubble maker. He makes these huge bubbles and Landon loves to pop them, as you can see dad got in on the action too. :O)

I love my men. I am so happy that they all love each other and have so much fun together. I love that laughter is constantly filling our home.

Two cuties!

I watched some friends of ours little girl on Monday. Camri is about 6 weeks older then Braddoc. She is a sweet. I love these pictures because she looks so much bigger then Braddoc. He looks like he has a peanut head. Its really just because she has big adorable cheeks and that big smile. She laughed so much for us, it was so cute hearing her laugh, and then later that day Braddoc started laughing. So much fun!

Mile long Eye lashes!!!

I can not believe how long my boys eye lashes are. I dont have long ones.... why do boys always get the long ones and they dont care, and girls always get short ones and do care? At any rate thought I would share

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Toddler Logic!

I am in the laundry room folding laundry. Landon walks in and sits down on the floor with no undies on. I tell him to put some undies on because he does not want his naked bum on the floor. So what does he do? Grabs a washrag out of the pile, lays it flat on the floor and sits on it. "Bum bum not get dirty now." And procceeds to talk to the dog in her kennel.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Could life get any better?

I love this picture. I think it just says it all!!! My boys are so silly and so much fun! I love spending so much time with them. Landon loves his baby and wants him to be around all the time. At church today, their adopted grandparents took Braddocs seat and put it on the other side of them. Landon threw a fit, "baby brother come back, I want my baby brother. where is he?" He had tears streaming down his face, it was sweet that he was so concerned.Landon and I popped popcorn and made our palet on the floor to watch the Alabama vs Tennessee game. ROLL TIDE! Alabam won 29-9. Yippie!!! Braddocs silly faces. Such a sweet boy!! These are the silly faces I wake up to every morning. Really, no better way to wake up!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mommy WOW Im a big kid now!

So both big boys shaved today. :O) Noah was getting ready for work and of course Landon wanted some too. He likes to get ready like mommy and daddy. He likes for me to dry his hair when I dry mine and put mousse in his hair and now he likes to shave like daddy. He has always pretended to shave his legs like mommy now he is getting all the hair on his face. :O)

I dont wanna grow up!

So Landon was taking his bath in the "big boy" and Braddoc was taking a bath in his baby tub. I finished washing Braddoc and Noah went to get him dressed while I got Landon a towel. This is what I came back in too. I suppose he likes the baby tub better. :O) He told me "I be little." then he tried to move and when he got stuck, "I get out. I dont like it" (his new thing "I dont like it.") He tried to get out and leaned on the back and all the water spilled out all over the floor. That was a mess to clean up, but as my BFF Kirsten says "Dont get mad take a picture." It really was funny! I think I laugh at most the things that go terribly wrong or crazy, got to find the humor or Ill never make it through the day.

The other woman!

The other woman in my sons life. :O) Did not think I would have to compete with another girl so early. I thought I had years till I had to worry about this. :O) j/k They have so much fun together. I enjoy watching them. This night however they were in a hitting mood. Landon took it the first few times that Ila hit him but after about an hour he had enough so if she hit him he hit back. I dont like the hitting but Im glad that they dont take it to heart. They are so silly and love each other so much. I am greatful that he has such a wonderful friend. For dinner that night Ila ate all the noodles and Landon ate all the meat, they are a day apart and everytime I have them together I get a glimpse of what it must be like to have twins.

Here are all Landons favorite toys!!! His CARS cars, he loves these things, everyday he asks to go and buy a new one. I swear we have looked EVERYWHERE to find these cars. This is mostly all he plays with now, I could get ride of all of his other toys and he probably would not notice. He loves those things. He loves to drive them along the walls, line them up, sleep with them, wash them in the sink and the tub and we always have to take 2 everywhere with us. (he tries to get us to take more by saying "UM 3, 4 , 5?") So silly, I am glad he has toys he loves so much, I love watching him play with them. He does not share these ones very well so we have to put them away before friends come over. As you can see I forgot to put them away before Ila came over and that was the source for many of the hitting. :O( Opps!

One small step for Landon one Giant leap for mom!

So Landon now takes himself to the potty, goes pee and then comes and tells me. YEAH!!!! I am so excited, we are on our last pack of diapers that I got for Braddoc from my shower so I am hoping that Landon is fully trained here soon so I dont have to buy size 1 and size 4 diapers, will totally help the pocket book. I am so proud of him, it just makes my heart leap when he learns something new. I am so glad that he likes going potty now and realizes that he needs to go and takes himself, that I dont always have to ask him and he doesn't have to have a little accident to realize he needs to go. Totally excited!!!! Good job Landon, keep up the good work!!!

Scaredy Cat!

Landon is scared of everything right now. I dont know what is going on with him. We had a Grim Reaper hanging out front and he would not go outside and once we got him outside we could not get him to come out of the car and come into the house. One time he said he wanted to stay and so we came inside and watched him out the window, he was just fine sitting in the car. Finally we realized he was scared of the Reaper, so down that came and we have not had trouble since, however we know hear some of the following each day:

Silly Mike getchoo (Mike from Monsters Inc. he watched it once several months ago and would not sleep and has not watched it since but he still says this)

Sharks getchoo (I have no idea where this came from)

Silly Monsters getchoo (we call all the halloween blow ups around here Silly monsters)

Puppy getchoo

Sink getchoo

Cars getchoo

Big Teddy Bear getchoo


He says it and the runs and jumps on the couch or wants us to hold him. He cracks me up, where do kids pick up this stuff, sometimes I can tell he is just being silly, but everything gets you. :O)

Crazy Eights

8 shows i like to watch:
1. Greys Anatomy
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Lost
4. One Tree Hill
5. Criminal Minds
6. Friends
7. College Football (okay its not a show, but its one TV, so it counts.)
8. My First Home

8 restaurants i like to eat at:
1. Outback
2. Olive Garden
3. Red Robin
4. Chevys
5. Beni Hanas
6. Carls Jr
7. Mongolian BBQ
8. Kirstens House (okay not a Resturant but she makes us oh so yummy wheat free food, so its just as good as one, thanks kirsten)

8 things that happened today:
1. Hubby got up with the kiddos and let me sleep in
2. finished Visit Teaching the last lady on my route
3. Played Horsey on the floor with Landon
4. Paid bills
5. reorganized bookshelves
6. made a yummy sun dried tomato chicken and pasta dinner
7. looked online for some christmas movies to get for our movie nights, (Landons favorite thing)
8. had a Noahless movie night with Landon

8 things i am looking forward to:
1. Christmas
2. Noah going back to the day shift
3. getting the boys dress for halloween
4. taking our family trip next spring.....can you say disneyworld!!!!
5. A full night of sleep, no baby waking up, and me waking up on my own
6. having Landon potty trained
7. family photos
8. another date with my hot husband

8 things on my wish list: dream house with a huge pantry, walkin closets, a huge shower, a basement rec room, a swimming pool (or a lake) room for our growing family that is all ours in a state we actually like living in
2. having all my food storage taken care off and ready for whatever is to come
3. Noah getting a huge raise or working for the DOD
4. a clothing shopping spree
5. lots more healthy babies coming into our home with out too much infertility work on my part
6. a Cadillac Escalade
7. live somewhere with 4 seasons
8. winning free vacations every year to the destination of our choice (hey a girl can dream cant she?)

Tag, you’re it!


Another Post, this time in Threes!!!

3 Joys:
1. My faith, I dont know who I would be with out it
2. My wonderful husband and beautiful children
3. My wonderful friends who make lifes crazy moments a little bit easier

3 Fears:
1. Losing my children! Be it physically or spiritually
2. Losing my husband, I want to raise our family togethr
3. Sharks

3 Goals:
1. To live each day to the fullest and never have any regrets. To be able to see the best in each day and find the joy in my trials
2. See an Alabama vs Auburn game in person
3. Watch all of my boys serve missions and all my children get married in the temple

3 Obsessions:
1. Cooking
2. Decorating and organizing the house
3. Giving my boys kisses

3 Surprising Facts:
1. I have always thought having 12 kids would be awesome
2. I miss the snow
3. I love watching college football.

3 people tagged:
1. Kirsti
2. Kirsten
3. Jen

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bite of Las Vegas!

This past weekend we decided to get out of the house and take a 45 minute drive to Summerlin to go to Bite of Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun, they have bands play and lots of cheap food from resturants all over Vegas to eat. We got some chips and dip and teriyaki chicken and rice as well as a Watermelon, Pineapple, Blueberry lemonade (interesting combo, a little tart, but pretty good). We layed out a blanket and listened to some music, it was nice to hang out and "Dance" with Landon, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed the music, until one of the bands decided that they were going to mix very vulgar words into their lyrics....time to go!!!! It was so loud but Braddoc slept most of the time and only woke up at the very end and just layed there and chilled. He was such a good boy, he loves the noise, he has a hard time sleeping at home if its not noisy..... silly kid!

He loves bubbles!!!! I got so excited to see these bubbles, he had a blast playing in them.

Landon got a free balloon animal. A little puppy dog, he loved it but the poor thing did not make it through the night!! :O(

When we were leaving we saw one of the Artist Justin Nezuka riding his bike around. It was so funny to see someone famous just minding his own business riding his bike along in Vegas, with no body guards, (I almost want one for me). People were looking at him in disbelief, like "Is that really who I think it is?" Because it was just so random to see him just riding along like it was no big deal. Now thats the kind of fame I could handle. :O) j/k