Thursday, September 18, 2008

Story of my life

So here I am playing catchup again, seems like thats the story of my life these days. I am enjoying being a mom of two so much and havig so much fun. My boys bring me such great joy, and keep me SOOO busy! This is the first time I have uploaded pics and got on here since we moved. Its just been crazy. So here is a bunch of catch up pictures.
Braddoc is now almost 6 weeks, (tommorow) in these pics he is 5. He is holding his head up pretty well, trying to roll over, sleeping very well, smiling and "talking" to us.

We have been having movie night with Landon once a week. Palate on the floor, popcorn and a movie, its been a lot of fun and he really seems to enjoy that we are all right there in the same room. He also thinks that the bowl of popcorn is all his!!! :O)
Landon and Ila found Noahs ties in our closet and my shoes and had a good ole time trying them on. They play so well together, I really enjoy watching them play together and am go glad that Landon has such a good friend.
My other sweet sweet boy, I love those eyes!
Landons CHEESE!!! face. I love there matching outfits and even better they were on sale. Yes Im the dorky mom who likes to match my boys!

BEST BUDS!!! I can be trying to get Braddoc to smile and Landon walks up and looks at him and says HI baby brother, and out comes the big grin. Braddoc loves Landon and Landon love Braddoc, its so wonderful.

I think Annabelle thinks that Braddoc is her baby. She gives him kisses and if he is around her she stands guard and "protects him".
Landon loves to have his picture taken, but he wants to take them too so its hard to get really good ones. He drug this box into the living room, dumped out the toys and climbed in.

BIG KISSES!!! BIG ONES!!!! Thats what Landon says when he gives you Big kisses, where his wraps his arms around. Other wise they are just little ones and not nearly as drooly as the BIG ONES!!!! (he says it all hard and loud too.)

Landon wants baby to sleep with him at night and at nap. We have to explain its not safe and baby has to sleep in his bed, so this had to do.

My 3 wonderful men!!!
Landons new playroom!!!!
Ilas Grandma "Oma" had adopted Landon and Braddoc, she gets them Pjs and spoils them too. She is very sweet and we are greatful for her love. Landon had a lot of fun getting Oma time when she was in town the other day.
Such a grown up little man, proping his head up with his hand.

There is my smiles!!! Well sort of, he is still working on it in this picture, they are lots bigger and longer now!!!

Braddocs blessing was so wonderful. It would have been nice to have some family there, but our wonderful friends from the ward made a wonderful substitue, they are like family anyway. My parents showed up late and missed the blessing, (two in a row, they are on a roll) I was not getting my hopes up that they would show, its again the story of my life for them to be late and miss something that is important to me, I am surprised that they even showed frankly.
They day was beautiful and Braddoc looked so cute. I cried as I watched all of our guy friends and my wonderful husband place their hands on Braddoc and bless him and give him his name. It was such a beautiful spiritual moment. I am so greatful for all the wonderful men in my life, we are truly blessed with amazing friends and it was so wonderful to have them in on the blessing. for my memory ( Joe Leeman, John Armstrong, Steve Matthews, Riley Booth, Vaiula Fuiava, Peter Poll, Bishop Cody Lewis, Paul Swartz, and Jacob Huffines, we had some other friends we would have liked to stand in but they could not make it...) Thank you to all who participated and Thank you Noah for being a worthy priesthood holder who holds his calling sacred and was therefor able to bless our new son.

Landon has started breast feeding his babies. Its rather comical! He sits down with my, puts a pillow down, pulls up his shirt and pops the baby on. He sits there very patient too. He likes to feed all his babies!!!!


Christina said...

Too cute. Kids sure make life interesting. It's stuff like this give meaning to life :) Got to Love it!

Kirsten and Jon said...

These kids need to quit growing so fast! They are too cute for words.

jamiegilson said...

So many cute pictures. I love the matching boy outfits. And those 2 trying on ties ... Kids are so cute. Sorry about your parents and the blessing but glad you have such a great ward support system. Miss you girl.

Sabrina said...

I love to picture of Landon kissing Braddoc. It is so darling and the look on Braddocs face is priceless.

mikensi.jimmy said...

what a handsome blessing outfit!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh gosh, those pictures are sooo stinkin' cute!

Tara and family said...

I love all your pictures, you are so good to capture all those moments. I am really slacking on the blog thing. I love the pic of Braddoc in his blessing outfit. Reminds me of Eddie's blessing. You and Noah were a big part of that day for me, from sharing blessing clothes to Noah being the only friend of ours in the circle, thanks again. Wish we could have been there for your special day! He looks like and angel!