Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boys, Boys and more Boys, is it ever anything else?

So it seems like all I ever write about is the boys, so I was trying to think of something else to talk about, but all that comes to mind at the moment is the fun things the boys are doing and what we as a family have been doing. I suppose since my boys are my life, and this blog is about our family life that lots of posts about them are not bad....right? :O) Braddoc really does not like the binkie all the time. When he wants it, he wants it but most the time he sucks for a few minutes and then pulls it out. Here is one picture of him sleeping and where he has pulled the binkie out, you can see his little finger through the hole, sorry its not a better picture, still working on my photog skills. :O)
We went on our ward camp out this last weekend. We did not stay the night, I did not want to brave it with both the boys, but we did stay late into the evening and eat dinner up there. Landon had a blast running around with all the kids. The big ones were catching frogs and Landon loved to look at them, he would stick his face right in there. :O) No fear!!! This picture is of him with his nursery teacher "Curtina", as he so lovingly calls her. He adores her. The week leading up to the camp out he kept asking for her and it took me a bit to figure out who he was asking for. He followed her around all evening and would yell her name if he could not see her. I am so greatful that he has such a loving wonderful nursery teacher, he has really been through a lot in nursery and its nice to know that he loves it again. I am greatful that she is so patient with him too, since he did not leave her alone most the night.
This is the picture after he was told he could not ride in the car. Poor little hurt face. Mom was a little upset too, but hey, it was not his car or ours so what do I do? He had a blast other then that and played baseball, soccer, and bounced a Pooh Bear ball off his head with Peter Poll, that was all he talked about the next day.
This is some friends of ours little girl Afton, she is 8 days older then Braddoc, but look at how much longer he is then her. I have monster babies! I can not believe how long he is. :O) We went to an appointment yesterday and he was 24 1/2 inches, and that was not even all streched out. Landon was 36 inches (3 feet) and its supposed to be if you double their height at a 2 1/2 years then thats what they should be. So as of right now he is 6ft but he has 4 more months of the growing to do.... so we shall see. He was also still holding strong at 27 pounds and Braddoc at 10pnds 1 oz. My tall skinny men. :O)
Braddoc loves for you to play with his mouth. He thinks its so silly and smiles and coes and attempts laughing. Its so precious. I was cleaning his gums the other day and he just laughed and laughed (well as much laughing as a 6 wk old can do.)

I love this picture. He looks so grown up, but that binkie just consumes his head. Peanut head!
Brothers!!! I love it, they are so cute together and so loving. I can already tell Braddoc adores Landon and Landon just loves his baby!!! He calls him "Big (or little) guy" "Baby brother" "Baby Braddoc" "my baby" and of course Braddoc. He helps me with him all the time and is so attentive to his needs and wants to always be near him or have him right by us. I am so glad that they love each other so much, I hope it continues to be that way.

Heman!!!! I think this picture looks like hs is showing his big muscles!!!!
I love this big eyes. Whats with me and having babies with such big eyes. I wont complain, I think its so cute!!!
Landon is in this new "I get myself dressed" and " I want to wear every sticker I can find" Phase. We had a play date at the park and he insisted that he wear this outfit, (pj bottoms and his mcqueen top) and that he wear all the stickers on his mickey mouse sticker sheet (another obession, Mickey Mouse). It was cute, but my poor boy looked a little homely.... good think all the other ladies had boys and theirs are going through the same phase, so they understood. :O) I actually think all three boys had on either a pj top or bottom. Whats with little kids and pjs? :O) Okay they are super comfy.:O)


Boston Family said...

cute boys!!!

Kirsten and Jon said...

Boys must be boys as the saying goes. Landon is such a sweet big brother. He makes me want a brother for Ila to play with.

Tara and family said...

Braddoc is SOOOOOO handsome!!! He and Landon are adorable brothers, they are different, but you can SO tell they are little bros. I wish I could snuggle him, he is so precious!

Christina said...

I'm glad to know that I am Loved. I really do love my class and am glad Landon was put in it. He is so much fun :)