Monday, August 04, 2008

The time has come!!!!

So I went to the doctor today and she decided that she did not think I was going to go on my own for whatever crazy reason my body is refusing to progress past a 4 and fully effaced!!! Blah! Anyway they are going to induce me on Thursday 08/07/08. Not as cool as 08/08/08. But still Im glad that its finally coming, I finally get to meet my little man! My mother in law gets here on Wednesday night at about 9:30. So we will go get her and then come home and get some rest. I have to be to the hospital at 6am to begin the process, hopefully he will come quick. I cant wait to meet him, but now I am getting nervous.... Im going to be the mother of two! A whole new life changing thing is coming my way, and its very thrilling but the unknown is still a bit scarey. I just hope that I can still provide for Landon all that he needs while providing for a new baby, and not totally getting burnt out. I have not really been worried or anything up until now and its not so much worrying as it is wondering what the future holds. I know that if I trust in my Father in Heaven and rely on the promptings of the spirit that all will go well and be fine. I am so blessed to be able to be the mother of two future priesthood holders and missionaries! I can't wait to welcome my new bundle of joy into this world. Only 2 and a half more days!!! Wish us luck! We will keep you posted.


Kirsten and Jon said...

No call, just a blog?!!! I hope for my sake you have him at 12:01 Friday morning so you will still be at the hospital and I can come and see you guys in your oh so stylish hospital outfits. I guess I can see him for the first time at your house if you prefer to go "fast." We will be praying for you and can't wait to come home to see a beautiful baby boy sent straight from heaven.

jamiegilson said...

I can't believe he's almost here. I'm even feeling some of that anxiousness down here.=) I'm so excited for you guys and I know that you'll be just fine. You're a perfect mommy already that another one is only going to show you off even better.=) You are such an amazing person. Those 2 boys are so lucky to have such an amazing mommy. Not to mention that lucky husband of yours. Good luck on Thurs. I look forward to seeing a picture of your cute family of 4.=)

Amanda XOX said...

Here's my unsolicited advice (thanks for asking!!) I stole from another person's blog comments, because I totally agree and found them helpful when our #2 came along. Here's how to survive with 2 kiddos:

1) Nursing Basket. These are toys that he can play with only while you are nursing or feeding the baby. This keeps them new and it keep him from being jealous.
2)Sling for the baby.
3) Present for Landon. Have the baby bring him a present. Make a big deal that the baby brought it.
4) Don't be overly cautious with the baby and Landon. If all he hears is "Careful! Gentile! No!" HE won't like the baby.
5) Remember both will cry and they will tag team you!! IF they are both crying tend to Landon first. The baby won't remember it but he will.

I am so excited for you Aurie! Hang in there and I'm with Kirsten, totally hang in there until early Friday =o)

Amanda XOX said...

The suspense is killing me!!! Is he here yet (on 8/8/08) already???? I'm dying to know what his name is!!!

I feel like the lady in those old Mervyns commercials tapping on the doors waiting for the store to open, open, open.... but I'm thinking in my head blog it, blog it, blog it!!!