Friday, August 01, 2008

Quick or not so quick picture catch up!

There is lots of pictures! Sorry! We have been doing so many things with Landon before the baby comes that we have lots of pictures!!! They are planning on inducing me sometime at the end of next week!!! YEAH an end in sight! Now Im getting nervous and realizing I better get all my "chores around here" done! The doctor said she was not sure if I would even make it till then that I might have him this weekend. Thats nice! My mother in law gets here the night of the 6th my brother gets here on the 7th and my granny gets here on the 8th. So they will all be here to see him at the hospital or right when he gets home. Thats so exciting for us because everyone came and left the day Landon was born because he was so late. :O( Not this time!!!!
Anyway here is our load of pictures. Ill try to be brief in my writing about them, but you know me..... Im long winded! :O)

For one of my appointments one of our really good friends Allison came over to watch Landon. He adores her and her husband and just loves their little boy Ethan. He talks about them all the time and they play so well together. Riley (the husband) gave a talk in Sacrament a few weeks ago and Landon was so excited he kept telling him HI RILEY!!! Its so nice to have such good friends that we love, that our son loves, and that love him as well. The following picture is Landon with Ethan. Allison said she layed Ethan down and then Landon got a pillow and layed down too. Such cute boys!
This picture is of a friend who I grew up with in Alaska. Its been YEARS since we have seen each other and found each others blogs and got back in touch. She came through Vegas for the day and we got together for lunch. Thanks Mikensi it was so great to see you. (my poor belly is so huge I have a glare on it! :O) )
Landon LOVES beans! He asks for them for lunch sometimes and then for dinner again that night. Is that a guy thing? Anyway he made a royal mess with these baked beans and had to go to the bath RIGHT AWAY after dinner. But he had so much fun and was being so silly. Noah went to run his bath water and Landon kept leaning back in his chair yelling "Dada, NOAH, HONEY!" over and over again! And then shaking his head all over and laughing hysterically each time. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to go into labor.
Landon has learned to take off his diaper, pants, and swim suit. He usually only does it if we tell him too or we are getting in the bath. But this day we were not fast enough, he was standing by the back door while we cleaned up the toys from the pool and I guess it was not quick enough for him so he decided to do it himself. We turned around and he had the swim diaper about half way down his legs and it was stuck. Noah went over to help him but he still insisted he do it himself.
Such a cute white bum. This picture does not show his tan line as much as I was trying to get it to, but he has a WHITE bum and is so dark every where else. He loves to be in the pool. He asks me from about 8am on to go to the BIG POOL (or rather Big Kool). Now keep in mind he gets up about 8 so this is from the moment he wakes up till we get to the big pool. So we have been swimming alot. So much for not buying a swim pass because he would not use it that much. Note to self, buy one next year!!! Its lots cheaper! Landon LOVES watermelon. For some reason he calls it watermellow, dont know where that came from, but he will eat it all the time. He got the bowl out of the fridge the other day stood by the sink and took two or three bites out of each one then threw the rind into the sink. He finished off the whole bowl by the time I realized what he was doing! Glad its that and not candy.

We had gotten him undressed to take a bath and the back door was open for the dog to come in and out for a few minutes. He ran into the living room while the tub was filling up and I thought he was just watching his movie. When I went out there he was no where to be seen. I hollar for him and Noah yells to me from the back door where he is taking picture of Landon and his escape to the pool. We had just gotten out of the pool about 15 minutes before but I guess he was not done. He has now realized that he can swim in the tub too so we have not had any little escape tricks since then. He has however learned how to open the back door and the bathroom door, but no others, go figure those are the only two that lead him to water. such a little fish!

He gets into the pool now fully clothed. So I cant let him into the back yard with out being monitered now! Because he comes in all wet, He loves to play with his dolphin that goes with his pool. Its kind of like one of those punching bags where if you hit it, it comes back up, so he likes to tackle is and roll all over the grass with it.

These last few pictures are of him playing with his cars in his room. HE LOVES to pretend with his cars and can get so silly with them. He is so fun to watch and he loves for you to play them with him. These next two pictures I was asking him to tell me how old he was going to be and you can see by the faces that he thought I was just asking too much.

If you look in the bottom corner of the pictures you can see on his car garage all his cars lined up. He has started lining every thing up, his cups, his plates, his dolls, his people, his cars, anything he can like up he does. Its very cute to watch because he will line them up and then count them over and over. He has really learned to count every well since he has started doing this and can get to ten with out any help. On that note he also has pretty much mastered the alphabet. He can not sing the song but he knows all his letters. And most the shapes as well.

One more quick growing Landon news. He has been singing real songs more and more, he only knows parts of the songs but he loves to sing them, (all primary songs). He put his baby doll in his bed yesterday and came and told me to shhh and get a blanket because the baby was sleeping. So I brought in a blanket and he has the lights off and was swaying by the crib singing I am a child of God to the baby doll. It made my heart melt. He also put his cars to bed and made them lay on there side and covered them up and sang Snowman to them. Then he went and got the baby doll up and changed its diaper. (which is what I do every time I get him up) it was very sweet. I cant wait to see how he is going to be with his baby brother.

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