Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Bump got Bumped!!!!

So I got a phone call about an hour ago that my baby is going to have to wait till friday. Tommorow is the C-Section day so instead of 8 rooms they only had 2 avaliable for deliveries and that meant that if 2 woman went into labor I would get bumped, I kind of saw it coming. But anyway thrilling news is that if I dont get bumped again our babies birthday will be 08/08/08. That is totally awesome, its what we have wanted the whole time anyway. Stuff like that only happens what 12 times a century! Pretty awesome if he comes on friday. They have all 8 rooms open on friday and chances are slim that 8 women will go into labor, so it looks like friday might really be the day. I am bummed however because my feet as so swollen that I can hardly move and now the end in sight is another day away, but as long as he is healthy I can wait (at least one more day, no more. :O) ) Anyway my mother in law and brother get in tonight so it will be nice to spend a day with them and just Landon before the baby gets here. So thats the latest news, we will keep you posted as for info is made avaliable to us.

P.S. Thanks Amanda for the advice I really like it. We bought Landon some little baby size CARS, cars for the baby to give him and a little race track, I think thats such a good idea. And the toy basket is great too, they all are wonderful. People keep telling me make sure Landon is tended too when needed because he will remember and needs it more and the baby wont remember and generally can wait a little bit. :O) I appriciate all your advice.

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Troy & Andrea said...

What an awesome birthday that will be! Good luck!!