Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fort fun and more!

Landon is very protective of his little brother. If he thinks we are neglecting him, like when he is taking a nap, he fusses at us and goes to check on him.
Noah and Landon built a fort in the living room and had a blast playing in it, after it caved in they made a big mat with pillows and ran from the playroom to the living room to jump on the pillows, Landon had a blast! I love all the mid air pictures.

Noah was hiding around the corner when Landon came running in and jumped out and scared him. I can not believe I actually got the picture! Priceless!

Landon is a clean freak! Nothing wrong with that! Now after we brush teeth we have to floss and he has to do it himself first. We will try and he says "No Landon do it!" So here he is flossing his teeth.

So whats with men and watching TV. Braddoc and Daddy and then Landon and Daddy..... male bonding?
He is such a good baby and sleeps so well. However he makes a ton of noise in his sleep and mommy and daddy dont sleep so well. He will cry out in his sleep and wake us up about every 30 minutes!!! AHHHHH mommy is tired, but when I check he is sound asleep. Last night was bad from about 10-1 all he did was make noise and then from 1-5:30 he was quite as a mouse and from 5:30-9. Its so weird and now he is super quiet again. Crazy kid!!!!

So people keep telling me that Braddoc and Landon look so much alike. Here is a picture of Braddoc and then Landon there is only a week difference in age at the time. Same couch same outfit, you be the judge do they look the same? I dont think so, they look like brothers but definetly different. Sorry its not a better head shot of Braddoc!

Heres more of our cute little one!

Enjoy!!!! We sure do!


Jared & Pansy said...

I agree with you on how they look. They do look alot alike, since they are brothers, but they have their own look, both cuties! Hope everything is going well.

Amanda XOX said...

Hmmm, they kind of look alike, but still different. I love the same outfit, same couch pictures. So cute!

I'll get you guys some bigger boxes this week. Moving day is going to creep up before you know it!!

Angelina said...

Wow, I think they look A lot alike! They are adorable.

jamiegilson said...

Fun pictures. I love the forts. And the scared picture. Priceless.
I think they look a lot alike too. Cute little men.