Thursday, July 10, 2008

I big brother!

For the past few weeks anytime anyone asks Landon what his name is he says, "I Big Brother!" We have been trying to tell him, yes you are going to BE a big brother, but thats not your name. Your NAME is Landon. He knows that his name. He likes to play a game where he will either yell "Aurie or Noah" or "Mommy or Daddy" and then we will yell Landon and he will yell either our name or our "rank" and we do this over and over till he is done, so we know he knows that Landon is his name. We ask him all day "Whats your name?" and every time with out fail, "I big brother!" and we just tell him over and over "say my name is Landon" and then he will say, "My name Landon." However as soon as we ask him his name is back to big brother. Hopefully that means he knows what that really means. :O)

Landon with his big boy shoes on. Being silly with daddies work boots. He loves to take them back to the room when Noah takes them off. He grabs one and says "Heavy!" over and over the whole way to the bed room then puts it in Noahs closet and comes back for the last one. Sometimes he will put them on and try to walk them back to the bedroom. The last picture he is trying to dance in them. We got a video of him dancing and falling and then getting back up and putting them back on just to make himself fall forward again on purpose. Its cute! But it takes forever to upload, so I am not putting it on here at this time, maybe later when I have more time to wait for it.


Kirsten and Jon said...

Every kid needs a good pair of boots, especially daddy boots. So cute. He will be the BEST big brother.

Tara & fam said...

That is so sweet! I don't think you are going to have a problem with him adjusting to the baby at all! He seems so prepared for it! Good job mommy! And the boots are awesome, we have pictures of that too. *sigh* I kinda miss it.