Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy birthday dear Landon!

Landon will offically be two on July 31st but since the baby is due so close to then we decided to have his party early so that we did not have a new born or be having a new born during his party. We had it on the 12th and it was a blast. All of his friends and family came, The Booths, Guevarras, Leemans, Matthews, Ballards, Bennetts, Armstrongs, Stamps (of course I am going to forget someone, Im doing this so I remember years down the road and will of course leave someone out.... sorry!) Anyway, we did a BBQ and had a water party for the kids, we bought a little pool at Walmart and the kids had a blast in it. Landon still goes in it every day to play weither he is fully clothed or not. He was so happy when he blew out the candles on his cake and everyone cheered for him. It was such a precious face. He also loved everyone singing to him, he liked being in the spot light. :O) He likes to be by himself but he also loves lots of people, and he has no qualms about just mingling and doing his thing. He was not so sure about opening the presents. We got him a basketball hoop and when he woke up that morning it was wrapped and on the table and as soon as he saw it, "WOW" and ran in there to see it. He had a CARS birthday party and he named all the characters that were on the wrapping paper. He knew it was his party day because we kept talking about it. And when we opened the door and he saw his pool in the back yard he got excited and started jumping up and down. "Birthday, Birthday!" It was very sweet.
A friend of mine Kirsten and I made this CARS cake for Landon. I think it turned out really nice and it was so much fun having a friend there to help and to experiment together. Making Black frosting that was fun! :O) Thanks for your help Kirsten!!! I think we did a pretty good job. Only my second time ever making a cake, not to shabby.

Landon really enjoyed blowing out his two candles. He thought it was a lot of fun. My moms birthday was on the 20th and he helped her blow out her candles and really enjoyed it then too.

Daddy got in the pool with the kiddies, such a big kid himself. Landon loved it!
The next morning he had to wear his hat so he could eat cake. When he sees the Mater hats he says, "OKAY I EAT CAKE!!" and then we HAVE to wear the hat. Its rather funny, good thing the cake ran out fast. :O)

The Armstrongs got him this basketball hoop and he really enjoys playing with it as well. He is a great shot, see his follow through and the ball going in the basket. My future NBA star?

He got this card from his Grams and Pop Pop (Noahs grandparents) and was so excited to carry around the money. It was so nice and crisp till he got ahold of it and when mommy found it later it was all in a ball. Good thing crinkly money is still money. :O)
He had a blast in the pool and so did all of his friends. They really liked splashing and getting each other wet.

We got him to say "happy birthday" it was so cute and now he says it all the time. Yesterday at my moms party he said "Nana," and when she asked him what? he said "happy birthday." It was very cute that he knew it was her birthday and wanted to tell her himself. Such a good little boy.


Amanda XOX said...

That is the coolest little pool out back. My kiddos totally missed out on some fun, but I won't complain too much since they were napping at the same time =o)
And hey, way to go on that cake! You gals did a great job!

Tara and family said...

Wow, two years already. It's crazy when you look at your friendships starting around the birth of a baby, and then that baby just keeps growing older and older. It's been a blessing to know you these past few years Aurie, and Happy BD Landon!!!

mikensi.jimmy said...

how fun! your kids will get along great! all my sibs from oldest to youngest are 2 years apart :) lots of fighting, too. ha haha!

Cheryl said...

What a fun day! I have always love 2 year olds!! It looks like he had an awesome birthday! You are such a great Mom!!

Angelina, John, Mason, Elise McKenna said...

Hey Aurie, I found you blog through Aubrey's-hope you don't mind. I love the birthday party-you guys did an awesome job on the cake-I heard you talk about it at water aerobics. Mason has the same Cars PJ's. How are you feeling? If there is anything I can do let me know.