Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fourth of July Fun!

We went to the park right behind our house for a carnival and free BBQ (any excuse to not cook is good for me.) Landon rode on a rocket that went around in circles, Noah rode that with him, poor daddy was WAY to big. He also got to go on a train that mommy rode with him....mommy is too big too. Then we came home put him to bed and Noah and I waited to watch the fire works which we got to see from our backyard. It was beautiful, I threw in two pictures of what we saw. I got a tun but I did not want to bore you with them. We were very blessed to be able to watch these from our yard. It was a nice experience.

Here is me. Fat and more Fat! :O) JK The baby has dropped so I feel like and look like I am carrying a watermelon for a child. I dont know why my kids drop so early, but they do and I get to carry them that low till they decide to come out. At least I know it will be within the next 30 days. YEAH count down is really underway.
Landon got a ballon at the carnival that he managed to deflat very fast and thought it was very funny to stick it between my nose and mouth. He died laughing every time.
Here he is chillin, waiting to get dressed and go buh bye. I thought it was cute the way he was holding his leg. He is so independent he just takes off and goes and does what he wants to do. He is a man on a mission thats for sure. I wanted to put in a pic from last year when he was just learning to walk, such a little man all wobbly and holding mommys hand. Now look at him go.
The rocket! With the too big daddy!
The train with the too big mommy!

At his beloved park. That was more fun for him then the rides. So easy to please.

We hope everyone had a blessed and safe fourth of July!!!

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