Monday, June 23, 2008

Summa, Summa, Summertime! And 119 degrees to boot!

Sorry, lots of pictures. So Im catching up on our busy summer happenings.
There is the picture of the oh about 250 water balloons I filled up for Noah for YM's that night. Nothing like waiting till the last minute and then having your wife do it. :O) And then you getting to go and have all the fun using them. Man oh man was it hot and tiring, I could have sworn I was going to go into labor at any moment.
I took Landon to the "circus" on base. They had a bunch of clown acts and he thought it was absolutely GREAT. He cheered for them and clapped and hollared. Everyone around us was looking at him saying how cute he was because he was the only one cheering and he was being so loud and doing it at just the right times. He loves to cheer people on, thats for sure. The pictures I took of all the clowns did not come out. I am so sad, it was the final straw for me with our camera and I have decided we are buying a new one, now the hunt for the right one begins. (not to mention earning the money for it.)

From the time we found out we were having a boy, this was what Noah looked forward to the most. When our son would be big enough to wrestle with him. So now you have your wish dad, and I think your son is winning.

We took Landon to the pool on base because he LOVES the water. He loves to play in the bath tub, and in the sprinkler and loves to get wet any way he can, so we thought he would love the pool. Any time he got it he would say "too cold!" and get right back out. So he just played along the edge of the pool the whole time and made us carry him across. Sometimes he would get in for a bit and race us back and forth across the kiddie pool. It was a lot of fun, I just wish the water was warmer and he would want to really get in and play. We start mommy and me swim classes next week so hopefully that will help.

I had my babyshower the same day as the pool and so Landon got to hang out with Noah. I look at this picture of us and I see Noahs younger brother Keyn, he is long and lanky and so is Landon.

Landon has decided he wants to sleep in the babies bed. He wants to take "naps" in there, so he says. So he lays in the boppy and cover up with a blanket and tells me to turn off the light and then he lays there, not for very long of course. His favorite thing is to play with the mobile. Crossing my fingers he does not learn to climb in and out, or the baby is in trouble.

Here is all our wonderful gifts we got at the baby shower. IT was so nice to have so many friends there to show there support. We got most everything we still needed and were able to finish the babies room. Which is a total bonus. All that I have left to do is put his initials on the wall when he is born and it will be all done. Ill have to send pictures of the babies room and Landons big boy room..... whenever I get around to it. :O)


Tara & fam said...

Oh my hotness! I forgot what that feels like, getting to the 120's. It is nice, warm, and breezy here today. You look so beautiful Aurie! I can't wait to see what this little guy is going to look like! Landon is so darling, I love his little antics. He is so smart too! Good luck in the next few weeks, hang in there! love ya!

Amanda XOX said...

That nursery looks great! Way to be so excited for a new kid and give him his own sports themed room rather than first child hand me downs =o)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

holy cow! How are you!? oh my gosh your cut family! I can't believe you are married with two kids... well... one on the way :) HOw are you and what have you been up to?

mikensi.jimmy said...

119 = too hot