Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Such a sweet heaven sent little angel!

I need to post lots.... but I filled up 250 water balloons for Mutal tonight. They are playing water balloon volleyball.... so much fun!!! I do Noahs chore and he gets all the fun. Oh well being a convert he never got to play all the cool games when he was a young pup, so now that he is in the Young Mens presidancy I suppose its his turn. Anyway I am sick of sitting up and its smooshing the baby from sitting and filling up all those balloons so Im doing a quick post.

I tucked Landon in to bed and sung him one of the Church songs on our long list of bedtime songs. And kissed his forhead like always. Then he tells me neck, so I kiss his neck, then he tells me hair, so I kiss the top of his head (not so easy bending over the crib railing with this big belly) and I tell him goodnight I love you, sleep good, Ill see you in the morning and as I walk out he tells me "Bye mommy. I love you, sleep good. See yeah! Bye mommy, see yeah! Love you, sleep good." I thought it was so precious. I can not believe how big he is getting and how sweet he is. Im telling you, Im sure every mom feels this way, but I really lucked out. I got one of the special angels, he has such a big heart and so much love. I could not ask for a better child and I am so greatful that my father in Heaven has intrusted me with one of his beautiful spirit children, I only hope that I can be the mother he wants me to be and provide everything he wants me to provide for his wonderful son. I am greatful each day that I get to be a steward over this little boy, and strive everyday to be the kind of mom he deserves. I really believe I learn more from him each day then I could possibly ever teach him. Motherhood, its such an amazing gift! Men get the priesthood, we get to be moms.... I think we get the better end. Now dont get me wrong the priesthood is a WONDERFUL gift and I am so greatful that it is on this earth while I am on this earth and that I am married to worthy holder of it, but nothing compares to being a mother and holding that child in your arms and nurturing them and loving them with all your heart and teaching them the gospel and preparing them to one day be a worthy priesthood holder or mother themselves...... its just something I can quit explain, its just beautiful.

Okay so my short post is not so short, sorry..... I got carried away!!! :O)

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kAt said...

Hey aurie, so it's getting close I see. So exciting. Did you see my hair cut yet. I chopped it off. Shocking I know. Your story was very cute. He is a sweet little man. I need to come visit you. Is next week sometime good for you. Jarrett comes home on Thurs. But I do want to make sometime for ya. Call me. Or leave me a comment. See ya soon.