Sunday, June 08, 2008

The long awaited photos!!!!

So I keep getting pregnancy picture requests!!! Heres the bump!!! Some days I feel huge and others not so big. It helps that there is a girl that is due a week before me with her first and we are the same size, so that makes me feel good. Second baby and still looking good!!!! Just kidding! If my face did not get so big I would not feel so huge! Noah says my nose gets pregnant!!!! (gee thanks honey!!!) So here they are, you tell me! Huge or not so much!!!??? 31 Weeks!
More 31 weeks!
Oh my gosh its a big belly!!!! Some pictures I look huge!!!!
Almost 29. Other pictures I dont look so big!
28 weeks!!! What a difference an outfit makes!!!!


barbl said...

My goodness, Aurie... you look awesome! Love keeping up with your family! Barb Lefler

Amanda XOX said...

Hmmm it really depends on the outfit. I think you're looking great! You have cute clothes =o)

Boston Family said...

The outfit always makes a difference. Yesterday I actually wore a maternity dress to church and felt like a house. :) I don't think you look as big as you did with Landon at this point. The only pic I was like wow! was the
3rd. Let's blame that on the angle though! Shame on Noah for saying your nose gets pregnant....that would make me cry if David said that. Of course David calls me tubby but I know he is kidding. I'm not even back to my starting weight yet. Besides didn't we fall in love with our hubby's for their joking and fun personality? I guess we brought this on ourselves! :) You look great. I love the top your wearing in the first pic.

Bill and Tara said...

Oh, it is ALL about angle! I love the first pic, the color looks great of you, you do not look that big. With the third pic, yah, you look like you are out there with that one woman, and I know it's all about the angle of the camera. I remember Traci being shocked at how big I got, and if a friend took a picture, I looked huge, but when Bill took one from his height and off to the side just a bit, I looked tiny. It's hard to really show the truth, because you never know. But you really do look fantastic, and I love how he is just right in front, looks so beautiful! For the wrap, I used 6yds, but my friend up here uses 5, she is a tiny short little thing, and she doesn't like it to hang as low as mine did. Look for "stretch nylon", I found that to be the best with the hot weather, all the other material was too thick, or tightly woven, and not as breathable. I only liked to use my one that was a soft stretch nylon from Joanns, the nylon I picked up at walmart was too scratchy and didn't hold shape well, and the knit I bought was too thick and hot, even though I only bought 3 yards and cut it in half, it was still too thick, (but nice for winter time). With the stretch nylon, after I folded it in half lengthwise, I sewed it closed to help keep it managable, and I did some extra decorative stitching right in the center so I could find that spot easier when I was wrapping myself up. I loved my wrap! And you know the directions are online at Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Mark and Aubrey said...

It is definately all about the clothing but you look great. I really enjoyed talking to you on Sunday, you helped calm alot of my paranoa about waiting for the baby :) We'll have to have some play dates with our new little ones.

mikensi.jimmy said...

wow! congrats on #2 soon :D :D hey, i needa talk to you about something.. i'll shoot you an email!

Cheryl said...

You are such an adorable expectant mother! I think you look amazing! Not huge at all!!

Your little family is beautiful!

Lots of love!