Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Im so excited, and I just can't hide it!

I got my birthday present today. Okay so its a month and a half early, but with the baby coming and Landons birthday coming, I got to get it early. I got a new digital camera. I am so thrilled. It has all the works. After much research we finally settled on the Sony Cybershot. I was about 100 more then I wanted to spend but well worth it. It zooms so much farther then my current camera and it has no time delay. I dont have to miss any more of my babies silly faces and it does not take forever between pictures so I can snap one right after another like with a regular olden day camera. And the quality is great, I am so excited.

We are spending the weekend doing things around Vegas that we have wanted to do with Landon since we got here and now he is old enough and can really enjoy it. We are going to the childrens museum and the lion and dolphin habitat as well as the circus shows. I am excited to use my new camera and hopefully get some great pictures! Noah took four days off so we can just do mommy, daddy and Landon stuff before the other little man arrives. I am so looking forward to the next few days. I love spending time just the three of us, its so fun and enjoyable and peaceful. Get in that last hurrah before we have another little one and have to wait a few months before they are big enough. :O)

Anyway, stay tuned for pictures!!!


Tara & fam said...

I need a new camera too, but I am so overwhelmed at the choices. I want everything you mentioned, but I also want one with a "white adjustment" so I can take better pictures of my artwork. I want it simple, to do just the same things you want, but take better pictures of my work so I can list them on etsy. Let me know how you like your camera as you use it more. Lucky girl!

Mark and Aubrey said...

That is an awesome birthday present. It's hard trying to take pictures of the baby with the time delay on our camera since she constantly moves. In response to your question about Mark's BAMA shirt, his parents got back from a mission to Montgomery 2 1/2 years ago and brought back those shirts for thier kids. His parents loved it out there though, they say it's beautiful.