Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I love you baby!

I have had these dolls since I was a little girl and they had just been sitting in a box so several months ago I got them out for Landon to play with so he was used to the idea of "babies" before we brought a real one into our house. He played with them every few days for a few minutes at a time, until about a week ago when he started playing with them all day. He is such a good little daddy. He gets them out of their been and says "Hi baby" or "Hi" too each one of them as he takes them out. He is very concerned if their clothes are right and has me fixing them all the time. There are about 15 of them so this can get pretty time consuming and he loves it! He burps each one of them in turn and puts them all down for naps. He wraps them in blankets, sets them on his potty, "changes their diaper" (only if its pee pee, if they poo pooped then he brings it to mommy to change.) He layes them all down and gives them lots and lots of kisses. He has been putting them in the baby swing and in his shopping cart and taking them shopping. When he watches movies he has them sit around him and tells them he loves them and if its "scarey" he tells them "Its okay!"

This past sunday Noah and I were in the kitchen talking and fixing dinner. Landon was being very quiet and occasionaly I would here him saying something in his soft sweet little voice, so I peeked around the corner to see what he was doing and sure enough he was playing with the babies. After about 10 minutes he brought them to the kitchen and told me it was nap time. So the next few pictures are of the progression of getting the babies ready for nap time.

Two babies and their teddy bear.
All wrapped up and ready for nap.
Trying to nap, but the floor is too hard.
So we try the hall way. But it was not good enough either.
So we move to mommy and daddy's bed.

Getting ready to lay down, silly boy!All covered up, but the babies are buried.
Telling each baby, "I love you baby, its night night time!" Giving each baby a kiss

He would then roll over and lay there looking at them and saying " hi baby, hi honey, I love you, its time to sleep okay?" It cracks me up because thats what I say to him when he is laying with me. I hold him and lay there staring at him. So funny and cute the things they pick up on.

All tuckered out, the babies were to busy on his side of the bed, so now they have there own side and he is as far away as he can get cause they were interupting his sleep. Sound familiar?
So I think he is ready to be a big brother!!!!


Boston Family said...

Aww. that's sweet. He loves the babies! What a good helper he will be for you. Blake is just obsessed with eyes so I'll just be happy if he doesn't dig the new baby's eye's out!

Bill and Tara said...

That is SO precious!!! He is going to ADORE this baby!

Amanda XOX said...

Sounds like he's all ready for his little brother! You are very lucky to have such a good helper.

When "the girls" were here and Barbies came out, Mikey loved them. Hubby on the other hand went out and bought him a Superman "action figure" and has made it clear that boys play with "action figures, not dolls!"


Kat Miner said...

That is so cute aurie. He is definately ready for a baby brother. Take care.

kAt said...

Hey I didn't mean to make me anonymous. Sorry.