Monday, June 30, 2008

Childrens Museum!

Quickly here are some prego pictures. So From the front I dont think you can tell I am pregnant! (most the time) but then from the side! There is the belly!!!!:O) He is starting to drop, I think he is almost all the way there now. Landon dropped about the same time and let me tell you its not fun! Walking around with a dropped baby is not so easy. So here I am at the point where I am ready to be done. Last ultrasound they thought he was measuring about 7pnds.... okay, beastie boy time to slow down the weight gain! :O) I cant wait to meet him, the doctor says he thinks It will probably be in the next 3 weeks. He really does not think Ill make it any longer then that. We shall see!!! :O) I hope he is right, as long as he is healthy and the lungs are ready, bring him on, your family is ready to cover you in kisses!!!

On Thursday we finally took Landon to the Childrens Museum here in town. He had so much fun doing so many of the things. Many of them were over his head, but there were also a lot of things he could play with rather he "understood its purpose" or not! Its a really neat place, but I think we will wait till he is 3 to take him again, he would probably enjoy it alot more. I am sad though because I took our new camera and was still learning how to use it, so we did not get as many good pictures as I wanted. We got a lot but there some precious faces in there that did not come out. :O( Enjoy what we got!

In this section they "worked", cashed their paychecks and then went to the store to shop. He had a blast filling up his basket and telling us all about the things he was getting. He really enjoyed being so independent. (when we go to the store now and he sees a basket he wants to get it too.)

Here he is waiting to pay for his food. He made my heart melt. He waited there so patient and then paid the little boy at the register and took his change. It was very cute, he is getting so big!!!!

He was working, cleaning the floors. Such a big helper!

He could not figure out how to get into the bigger tubes but he had a blast running around the tube crawling through and peeking out at us.
This water station was awesome. I think we will get a water table for the back yard. He has a blast building the dams and watching the duck travel through the paths. He likes playing in the water too, of course!!!

Here you put balls in the hole and they would get sucked up and carried around a big loop by the ceiling and fall down another big tube assembly line type thing and fall into a bucket at the bottom. He loved putting the balls in and watching them go he would run around, looking up and following the balls. It took us forever to pry him away from this area and move onto the next. BALLS BALLS BALLS, thats what this kid cares about!

Here you filled up the stomach with all the food and it would bust open when it was too full. You were supposed to add up calories from the food and make sure that the boy did not over eat, but Landon is not really big enough to figure that out yet. :O)

This area was like a construction area. You would transport blocks and put them in buckets and turn the wheel to move them from one work area to the next. Then you would pick them up and transport them to the next bucket area. They had them on the ground and up high so you could move them from the top to the bottom. It was on a little pully system. I was really neat! I think Noah had just as much fun as Landon.
I wish this picture came out not so blurry. But I think this face says it all. Total happiness and facination! Such a sweet boy!

We had fun that day. Ill post some from the Circus tommorow, dont want to overwhelm you all at once! :O)

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Tara & fam said...

You look fantastic! I was expecting a huge pop-out tummy, but you do not look that big from the side. Wow, honestly, great prego shape! I miss the fun things in Vegas for kids. I have not found as much stuff here, but there is alot to do OUTDOORS, and that's different. :) My kids loved the museum, and SkyMania was another favorite. They do not have the fun water parks here either, I miss those alot. Well, stay healthy, you are doing great! He will be here before you know it! Look how fast time has gone by already with Landon, (and Eddie too). Take care!