Monday, June 30, 2008

Mommy and me!

We started our Mommy and me swim class today. Landon has a cold so he is not his normal chipper self and he kept clinging to me like a little koala bear. He was being so silly, If he could see me he was fine but if I turned him away from me to help him learn to swim he freaked out and kicked his way back to cling to me again. He liked to hang onto the wall and slowly started to warm up to being faced away from me. One part we had to pass our kids in a circle so they would be used to other people holding them. He was okay when the men held him but when any lady got him he freaked out and stuck out his bottom lip. The instructer took him and came over to me with him and then he started fulling on crying and holding his arms out to me and saying mommy over and over. It broke my heart so needless to say he and I sat out the rest of that excersize. I think that if he did not have a cold he would be much better, but when he has a cold he knows what he wants and when he wants it. He will tell us when he is tired and ready for nap or bed and just wants to sit with us all day so he is not his normal bubbly self. He was the only kid/baby there what would not let me hold him out on my hand and swim him. Towards the end he finally warmed up to the idea but only in small spurts. He did awesome with his head going under the water and we learned how to do that where they dont suck up water. We also had them sit on the wall and would help them in, and he liked that. After that the class was over and he just wanted to swim with me and kick his legs, go figure, after its over!!! Maybe tommorow he will be better with it. It really was a nice time and I am looking forward to more! Its a great thing to take your babies/toddlers too, if you have one local in your area. The one here allows moms and/or dads and there were more daddy and me then mommy and me in our class, (which GO DADS!!! totally awesome) They work into teaching the kids how to roll over to their backs and float if they fall in the water, life saving stuff!!! You can start the baby young too. There was a lady there with her 7 month old and he was doing awesome. The instructer said if you start them around that age or younger that they will know how to swim by the time they are two!!! Thats awesome!!!

Childrens Museum!

Quickly here are some prego pictures. So From the front I dont think you can tell I am pregnant! (most the time) but then from the side! There is the belly!!!!:O) He is starting to drop, I think he is almost all the way there now. Landon dropped about the same time and let me tell you its not fun! Walking around with a dropped baby is not so easy. So here I am at the point where I am ready to be done. Last ultrasound they thought he was measuring about 7pnds.... okay, beastie boy time to slow down the weight gain! :O) I cant wait to meet him, the doctor says he thinks It will probably be in the next 3 weeks. He really does not think Ill make it any longer then that. We shall see!!! :O) I hope he is right, as long as he is healthy and the lungs are ready, bring him on, your family is ready to cover you in kisses!!!

On Thursday we finally took Landon to the Childrens Museum here in town. He had so much fun doing so many of the things. Many of them were over his head, but there were also a lot of things he could play with rather he "understood its purpose" or not! Its a really neat place, but I think we will wait till he is 3 to take him again, he would probably enjoy it alot more. I am sad though because I took our new camera and was still learning how to use it, so we did not get as many good pictures as I wanted. We got a lot but there some precious faces in there that did not come out. :O( Enjoy what we got!

In this section they "worked", cashed their paychecks and then went to the store to shop. He had a blast filling up his basket and telling us all about the things he was getting. He really enjoyed being so independent. (when we go to the store now and he sees a basket he wants to get it too.)

Here he is waiting to pay for his food. He made my heart melt. He waited there so patient and then paid the little boy at the register and took his change. It was very cute, he is getting so big!!!!

He was working, cleaning the floors. Such a big helper!

He could not figure out how to get into the bigger tubes but he had a blast running around the tube crawling through and peeking out at us.
This water station was awesome. I think we will get a water table for the back yard. He has a blast building the dams and watching the duck travel through the paths. He likes playing in the water too, of course!!!

Here you put balls in the hole and they would get sucked up and carried around a big loop by the ceiling and fall down another big tube assembly line type thing and fall into a bucket at the bottom. He loved putting the balls in and watching them go he would run around, looking up and following the balls. It took us forever to pry him away from this area and move onto the next. BALLS BALLS BALLS, thats what this kid cares about!

Here you filled up the stomach with all the food and it would bust open when it was too full. You were supposed to add up calories from the food and make sure that the boy did not over eat, but Landon is not really big enough to figure that out yet. :O)

This area was like a construction area. You would transport blocks and put them in buckets and turn the wheel to move them from one work area to the next. Then you would pick them up and transport them to the next bucket area. They had them on the ground and up high so you could move them from the top to the bottom. It was on a little pully system. I was really neat! I think Noah had just as much fun as Landon.
I wish this picture came out not so blurry. But I think this face says it all. Total happiness and facination! Such a sweet boy!

We had fun that day. Ill post some from the Circus tommorow, dont want to overwhelm you all at once! :O)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Im so excited, and I just can't hide it!

I got my birthday present today. Okay so its a month and a half early, but with the baby coming and Landons birthday coming, I got to get it early. I got a new digital camera. I am so thrilled. It has all the works. After much research we finally settled on the Sony Cybershot. I was about 100 more then I wanted to spend but well worth it. It zooms so much farther then my current camera and it has no time delay. I dont have to miss any more of my babies silly faces and it does not take forever between pictures so I can snap one right after another like with a regular olden day camera. And the quality is great, I am so excited.

We are spending the weekend doing things around Vegas that we have wanted to do with Landon since we got here and now he is old enough and can really enjoy it. We are going to the childrens museum and the lion and dolphin habitat as well as the circus shows. I am excited to use my new camera and hopefully get some great pictures! Noah took four days off so we can just do mommy, daddy and Landon stuff before the other little man arrives. I am so looking forward to the next few days. I love spending time just the three of us, its so fun and enjoyable and peaceful. Get in that last hurrah before we have another little one and have to wait a few months before they are big enough. :O)

Anyway, stay tuned for pictures!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summa, Summa, Summertime! And 119 degrees to boot!

Sorry, lots of pictures. So Im catching up on our busy summer happenings.
There is the picture of the oh about 250 water balloons I filled up for Noah for YM's that night. Nothing like waiting till the last minute and then having your wife do it. :O) And then you getting to go and have all the fun using them. Man oh man was it hot and tiring, I could have sworn I was going to go into labor at any moment.
I took Landon to the "circus" on base. They had a bunch of clown acts and he thought it was absolutely GREAT. He cheered for them and clapped and hollared. Everyone around us was looking at him saying how cute he was because he was the only one cheering and he was being so loud and doing it at just the right times. He loves to cheer people on, thats for sure. The pictures I took of all the clowns did not come out. I am so sad, it was the final straw for me with our camera and I have decided we are buying a new one, now the hunt for the right one begins. (not to mention earning the money for it.)

From the time we found out we were having a boy, this was what Noah looked forward to the most. When our son would be big enough to wrestle with him. So now you have your wish dad, and I think your son is winning.

We took Landon to the pool on base because he LOVES the water. He loves to play in the bath tub, and in the sprinkler and loves to get wet any way he can, so we thought he would love the pool. Any time he got it he would say "too cold!" and get right back out. So he just played along the edge of the pool the whole time and made us carry him across. Sometimes he would get in for a bit and race us back and forth across the kiddie pool. It was a lot of fun, I just wish the water was warmer and he would want to really get in and play. We start mommy and me swim classes next week so hopefully that will help.

I had my babyshower the same day as the pool and so Landon got to hang out with Noah. I look at this picture of us and I see Noahs younger brother Keyn, he is long and lanky and so is Landon.

Landon has decided he wants to sleep in the babies bed. He wants to take "naps" in there, so he says. So he lays in the boppy and cover up with a blanket and tells me to turn off the light and then he lays there, not for very long of course. His favorite thing is to play with the mobile. Crossing my fingers he does not learn to climb in and out, or the baby is in trouble.

Here is all our wonderful gifts we got at the baby shower. IT was so nice to have so many friends there to show there support. We got most everything we still needed and were able to finish the babies room. Which is a total bonus. All that I have left to do is put his initials on the wall when he is born and it will be all done. Ill have to send pictures of the babies room and Landons big boy room..... whenever I get around to it. :O)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Such a sweet heaven sent little angel!

I need to post lots.... but I filled up 250 water balloons for Mutal tonight. They are playing water balloon volleyball.... so much fun!!! I do Noahs chore and he gets all the fun. Oh well being a convert he never got to play all the cool games when he was a young pup, so now that he is in the Young Mens presidancy I suppose its his turn. Anyway I am sick of sitting up and its smooshing the baby from sitting and filling up all those balloons so Im doing a quick post.

I tucked Landon in to bed and sung him one of the Church songs on our long list of bedtime songs. And kissed his forhead like always. Then he tells me neck, so I kiss his neck, then he tells me hair, so I kiss the top of his head (not so easy bending over the crib railing with this big belly) and I tell him goodnight I love you, sleep good, Ill see you in the morning and as I walk out he tells me "Bye mommy. I love you, sleep good. See yeah! Bye mommy, see yeah! Love you, sleep good." I thought it was so precious. I can not believe how big he is getting and how sweet he is. Im telling you, Im sure every mom feels this way, but I really lucked out. I got one of the special angels, he has such a big heart and so much love. I could not ask for a better child and I am so greatful that my father in Heaven has intrusted me with one of his beautiful spirit children, I only hope that I can be the mother he wants me to be and provide everything he wants me to provide for his wonderful son. I am greatful each day that I get to be a steward over this little boy, and strive everyday to be the kind of mom he deserves. I really believe I learn more from him each day then I could possibly ever teach him. Motherhood, its such an amazing gift! Men get the priesthood, we get to be moms.... I think we get the better end. Now dont get me wrong the priesthood is a WONDERFUL gift and I am so greatful that it is on this earth while I am on this earth and that I am married to worthy holder of it, but nothing compares to being a mother and holding that child in your arms and nurturing them and loving them with all your heart and teaching them the gospel and preparing them to one day be a worthy priesthood holder or mother themselves...... its just something I can quit explain, its just beautiful.

Okay so my short post is not so short, sorry..... I got carried away!!! :O)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

MAIL!!! MAIL!!!! I got mail!!!!

Landon loves to check the mail and he usually reminds us everyday that we need to check the mail. We usually give him the junk mail or all the credit cards from the junk mail. He has never really gotten anything since he has been big enough to know it was for him until the other day. He got a package from Noahs older sister, His Aunt Emma. He was so thrilled when we got it out of the package slot and I told him that it was for him and showed him his name on it. He was so proud carrying the box in the house all by himself. He had his chest stuck out and walked so tall. It was so cute to watch. We went and sat on the couch and talked about the Hippo that Emma drew and talked about who it was from. He was so excited to open it. We cut it so we could save the front pictures (its on our fridge and he says "Hippo, Tank u Emma." whenever he sees it) and opened the box. He got two pairs of CROCS, his favorite shoes. He can put them on and take them off and get them wet and have a potty accident and not feel yucky in his shoes. He wanted to wear them all day. He wore a red and a navy and then both red ect. He was just thrilled. He grabbed the first pair. OH SHOES!!!!! then wore those for a bit. Came back and his eyes got huge.... MORE SHOES!!!! ( he is a shoe fanatic, he loves shoes and changes them all day long. He is very much into matching) so he got those out and wore them. Then he discovered the barrel of monkeys in the box and counted them and played with them for awhile. He still wants to wear the shoes all over, but they are a little big and he has to grow into them, however he keeps them on his feet pretty good.

THANK YOU AUNT EMMA for such a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Landon is very blessed to have an Aunt like you!!!!!

PS He just ate lunch so ignore the messy face!!!! I swear we bathe him!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I love you baby!

I have had these dolls since I was a little girl and they had just been sitting in a box so several months ago I got them out for Landon to play with so he was used to the idea of "babies" before we brought a real one into our house. He played with them every few days for a few minutes at a time, until about a week ago when he started playing with them all day. He is such a good little daddy. He gets them out of their been and says "Hi baby" or "Hi" too each one of them as he takes them out. He is very concerned if their clothes are right and has me fixing them all the time. There are about 15 of them so this can get pretty time consuming and he loves it! He burps each one of them in turn and puts them all down for naps. He wraps them in blankets, sets them on his potty, "changes their diaper" (only if its pee pee, if they poo pooped then he brings it to mommy to change.) He layes them all down and gives them lots and lots of kisses. He has been putting them in the baby swing and in his shopping cart and taking them shopping. When he watches movies he has them sit around him and tells them he loves them and if its "scarey" he tells them "Its okay!"

This past sunday Noah and I were in the kitchen talking and fixing dinner. Landon was being very quiet and occasionaly I would here him saying something in his soft sweet little voice, so I peeked around the corner to see what he was doing and sure enough he was playing with the babies. After about 10 minutes he brought them to the kitchen and told me it was nap time. So the next few pictures are of the progression of getting the babies ready for nap time.

Two babies and their teddy bear.
All wrapped up and ready for nap.
Trying to nap, but the floor is too hard.
So we try the hall way. But it was not good enough either.
So we move to mommy and daddy's bed.

Getting ready to lay down, silly boy!All covered up, but the babies are buried.
Telling each baby, "I love you baby, its night night time!" Giving each baby a kiss

He would then roll over and lay there looking at them and saying " hi baby, hi honey, I love you, its time to sleep okay?" It cracks me up because thats what I say to him when he is laying with me. I hold him and lay there staring at him. So funny and cute the things they pick up on.

All tuckered out, the babies were to busy on his side of the bed, so now they have there own side and he is as far away as he can get cause they were interupting his sleep. Sound familiar?
So I think he is ready to be a big brother!!!!