Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dont blink! Life goes faster then you think!

I can not believe how big Landon is getting. He will be 2 in 2 months. Its crazy, It seems like just yesterday they were laying him on my lap and now its almost time to do it again with another one. Where does the time go? Its like that song says, "Dont blink!". I cant believe my baby is not a baby anymore he is a toddler and a big boy in so many ways. I love that he still wants to cuddle and "hold me" as he says. He is such an amazing little boy and I thank God every day that he has intrusted me with him. This still after 2 years scares the living daylights out of me. But he loves it and asks for it over and over. Wonder when he is going to get to big for that?

He loves his strawberries. He calls them "twobeas". I have no idea where he got that from but its cute and its stuck. Anytime we go to the store we have to buy some and he eats them as we shop. Its so hard in the winter when we can not find them anywhere and the ones we do find are not any good because he LOVES them. If he sees them in the fridge he brings me a bowl and asks for some. Im glad he loves something thats healthy for him.

He is so independent. Sometimes it breaks my heart to watch him just sitting out there on his swing but he loves to be alone. He loves to play with other little kids too but even when they are around he sometimes just sits there and watches them play or goes and does his own thing. He loves to swing with them and play catch but if they dont want to do it he just does it by himself. Noah is so much like that too, very observant and independent and will jump in and play with the best of them, when he is ready. I am so glad we are having another boy that way they both have a built in buddy.
So the "I DO IT" has begun. He only says it in multiples of 2 and is very adment about it. He wants to do it all by himself. So thus the climbing has begun. He has also learned that he can drag his little tikes chair around or a kitchen chair and reach more things. No letting this one out of your sight.
He loves big boy cups and during the day if he sees us drinking from one he has too also. Its nice that he is so ready for them and that he lets us know.
It was almost time for daddy to come home and so Landon went and sat on the front porch and waited, he was so quit I kept peeking on him to make sure he was okay and still he just sat. It was a late day for Noah however so Landon got a bit impatient, (he sat for about 7 or 8 minutes) and so he started riding his bike around the front porch. Eventually that got old too so we went to water. (ill post some pics of that later, he loves to "water the gass" and gets very wet when doing it. But he thinks he is being a big help.)

Landon loves olives. You can see them all on his right hand. We put them on his fingers and do the "Five little ducks went out to play" song and then eat one everytime. Usually he eats them all by 4 little ducks but we are working on that. He now calls them Fingers instead of olives, which he used to call them. So we are working on that. He will run to me when he sees them with his fingers spread wide ready for the placement. I thought at first he was telling me to put them on his fingers but he saw them the other day and said "I eat fingers mommy." So I suppose thats the new word for olives. :O)
Ill post some BBQ picture and some watering pics later this week.


Amanda XOX said...

Oh my! That first picture scares me too! He is soooo high up. He's a brave little guy.

Josh is making his church debut and being blessed this Sunday, June 1st. We're at grandma's right now, but will be back to get blessed =o)

barbl said...

Watching and waiting for that new little one! That first photo IS scary, but picture perfect!
Barb Lefler

mikensi.jimmy said...

that first pic is awesome!!

Bill and Tara said...

That air shot is the best!!! And he is going to be such a super helper when the baby comes. I am amazed at how they turn into helpful little angels right at first, (until the "newness" wears off :). So when are you going to post pics of your prego belly? I hope the heat isn't too bad right now, I think about you in that heat whenever I enjoy the cool rain and mild weather here. :( I feel for you! I hope things keep going well!