Monday, May 12, 2008

Are you writing this down?

So in conversations with some friends I have been telling them all the new things Landon has been doing and as they laugh or tell me how cute it is they ask, "Are you writing this stuff down?" And since most of my "journaling" in on here I figured I better Write this down!!!

We have a slide show on our computer of all our pictures, and Landon loves to sit down and watch all the pictures go by. We play a little game and I ask him to name all the people in the picture before it goes by. He is really good, he rarely misses! I also will not help him unless he gets it wrong and then I will correct him. When one of our next babies ultrasound pictures came across, (it was his foot) I asked Landon "Who is that?" He tilts his head to the side and leans into me and excitedly exclaims, "My bruder". It made my heart melt, two more pictures came by of different ultrasound pictures and the same thing! I think he just might be figuring this out.

He also loves to say prayers. Any time we sit down to eat or get ready for bed he is so excited to say a pray. We always let him say one and then we say one. For awhile it was Father Food Amen or Father Sleep Amen. The other day Noah was having a really rough day and it was obviously very evident to Landon because his prayer changed that night at dinner. "Father bess (bless) food and Dadda, Father peas (please) bess Dadda, Love Jesus Amen." It was so precious, Noah started crying. From the mouth of babes so fresh from above. A few nights ago we also heard Landon talking in his room, which is not uncommon, he always carries on conversations with his animals and balls in his room but this time we listened to exactly what he was saying. He was saying his own prayer in bed. So Noah peeked in and there was Landon with his arms folded saying a prayer asking to bless almost everyone in our family his little mind could think of. Its such a joy to see him learning and loving the parts of the gospel he understands. He tells me all the time "I love Jesus" and when he ask him who loves him its, Momma Dadda and Jesus ever time, sometimes Nana and Pops and Mimi are thrown in, but most times its just Momma Dadda and Jesus.

He loves to peel the wrapper off crayons. He says he is opening them. So after many "opened" crayons I told him that that was bad. I showed him unpeeled crayons and told him good and peeled crayons, bad. So now he says, "Bad" every time he sees a peeled crayon. I thought, yeah he understands. But yet he keeps peeling them and now all crayons are "Bad" opps not the way I wanted that to go. :O)

He loves to sing and if there is music on the radio he sings along and tells us to dance. If he hears singing at church he has to grab the hymn book and sing along. He loves to get up at the piano and pull out our hymn book and play the piano while singing. Its mostly jibber jabber noise but every now and then we get a word in there. Binkie, winston (a friends dog), lots of friends names, Momma, Dadda, Jesus, Ball, any word he knows really, along with some lalalalalala and piano playing. Its very precious. He always wants us to dance with him too, to EVERYTHING, so there is Lots and Lots of dancing and singing in our house. :O) Its very nice. I catch him singing in bed all the time too, thats what I wake up too in the morning. Its nice to have such a happy kid. I decided to put on Primary songs the other day and when "I am a child of God" came on he started to get excited and sing along, every now and then he would hit it right on, child, God, lead, walk, teach. It made me so happy!

He also has had some weird nursery issues. He started out just fine, but then he got really sick and missed 2 weeks of church and then right after that I went on bed rest and he went to church with Noah and had lots of seperation issues. He has slowly been getting back to being fine in nursery. He askes every morning if we are going to church and when I tell him No not today he askes "When?" So we have been working on days of the week! Probably be awhile before it makes any sense to him but hey learning opportunity comes along, Im jumping at it. :O) This past sunday. After the closing prayer he got up and walked right out the row, the the back of the chapel out the door and down the hall, by the time I realized what was going on he was way ahead of me. He never turned around, not once to see if Noah or I was coming. He walked right to his classroom, waited for a passer by the open the door and he snuck right in, sat in a chair. The room was empty no teacher yet. He beat everyone there. We by that time were right behind him. As soon as he sits down he starts yelling "Sunny (his teacher) Sunny! Coming? Sunny, R U?" But he did not move, he just waited. Noah went into the room until a teacher showed up and collected several kids along the way, but still Landon sat there and when Noah left, "Bye dadda". Okay so this is a first, I hope it continues. His teacher Sunny moves in a month so crossing my fingers this keeps up. :O)

Several more but Ill save them for later. Just one last one for now! Landon has been working on potty training. We let him decide in the morning if its an big boy undies day, or diaper day. I dont want to rush him and since he is not yet two I figured to not scare him Ide let him pick. Most days he wants undies and is really great about telling us he has to potty. Usually he does it on the run to the bathroom but sometimes he makes it to the potty and will sit there for a minute and is ready to get up and then goes potty within 2 minutes of getting up. But the other day the phone rang so Noah ran to answer it and on his way out Landon went potty. WHAT?! Are you a shy pottier Landon? Turns out he is! If we put him on the potty and leave, just walk outside the door and wait, he will go potty! Its crazy, I did not know a 21 month old could be a shy pottier. Glad we figured that one out, makes this potty thing much easier. :O)

Okay so no more boring you for now. Here are a few pictures.

Landon loves to have his hair done. He loves for us to tell him he is handsome!

Whenever he finds a rubber band he wants me to put it in his hair. I think he looks like my little chinesse ninja!Landon loves to get into the toliet paper. Im pretty sure every other kid does too. most times I catch him but this time he made it all the way down the hall before I caught him. Man thats strong toliet paper to not break. When I get to the living room he has mummified himself. Such a goof.


Bill and Tara said...

That is really good of you! I need to write more down, and blogging is such a great way to do it! You can eventually save your whole blog and you will have the best picture-journal ever! such a sweet boy he is becoming! I love the crayons, and nursury can always be a bit trying. :)

mikensi.jimmy said...

that is TOO funny! toilet paper boi!! ah haa

Kellie said...

Hey Aurie! I'm not sure if you'd remember me...Kellie Watson, from Anchorage years ago. You were friends with my sister Brenda too. Anyway, I just saw a link to your blog on another blog and thought I'd check it out. You guys are so cute! Your son is adorable, and sounds super smart for his age! How long have you guys been in Vegas? What area are you in? I just moved to Henderson last week from Reno. I've got a boy about Landon's age too - he just turned 2. And another one that's 7 months. Congrats on your pregnancy, by the way. It's great to have 2 boys! Anyway, email me if you want. I bet our boys would be great friends.