Sunday, April 27, 2008

1-2-3 Look at me!

Landon is very into the helping stage. Anything I am doing he has to do too. We were moving all his Noahs arc stuff from his room into the play room and hanging it up on the wall, because he is getting a "big boy" sports room. I was hanging the pictures and he went and got his hammer and helped me, (he also hammer everything else he could, the washer, the door, his table, the couch, they all needed hammering right?) Landon loves to put on shoes, anybodys shoes. So if I leave out my high heels he has to put them on and walk around in them, I am so afraid he is going to break his neck or an ankle, but I think he is getting the relative hang of it. Noahs not so thrilled, I just think its funny. He does it with Noahs work boots too but they come up almost to his bum so its a bit harder to walk in them.

I think Landon looks so cute in overalls so I have been on this overall kick since its finally warm or rather hot out and I can put them on him before they get too small. I think he just looks precious, so I had to share this pic.
My boys love to play outside and play ball. Landon is all about the balls which makes Noah very happy. I love to watch them play, they both have so much energy it amazes me. Landon can run around for an hour straight non stop and still not want to quit. I love that our yard is so big he has lots of room to run around.
Landons new toy. He loves play houses and always has to play in the displays at the store so we decided to get him one and put it in his playroom. He loves it, he loves to hide things in there too. We have discovered the house phone, cell phone, shoes and wallets in there multiple times along with all his other treasures. He has also for some reason taking to doing his business in there. He is potty training so when he has an accident with pee pee its even harder to clean up because the floor is grouted. :O) Silly boy wants mommy to have to work harder. I am pretty sure he was pooping while I was taking this picture, you can tell by that look on his face. He also loves for us to play in there with him, its not so easy to get in there, but he is in seventh heaven if you do.

Noah is getting a raise in about a week and putting on a new strip so he will be Senior Airman Jenkins (SRA) we are very excited and I am so proud of all his hard work and his love and passion for his job. I am so glad that he has found something that hs loves so much and that he gets to do it every day. WAY TO GO NOAH!!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Adventures in Parenthood.

So its been forever since I blogged, due to sickness all around the house and bed rest, I have not had much time or energy to blog. So here is a bunch of catch up pictures. :O) Im sure I do this lots! Trying to be more diligent and some days it works and others......not so much. I better get this under control before we have little boy number 2 and I have re learn it again. Here is Landons Easter suit. He loves to get all dressed up for church and always is so proud of how cute he loves. He loves for you to tell him he looks handsome.
Landon has been very attached to daddy lately and loves to be around him. He asks for him as soon as he wakes up in the morning and wants him when he goes to bed. He has actually been in this phase where he wants us both around as much as possible and we all have to be in the same room. He loves for us to dance and jump around the livingroom, (try explaining to a 20 month old that mommy is pregnant and cant jump all around.) When I put him down for a nap I have to tell him, "Daddy will be home when you wake up" and when Noahs working nights when I put him to bed, "Daddy will be here in the morning and will come get you up." and then he will go to sleep just fine. Its so much fun to watch the two of them together.

Landon loves to brush peoples hair and have his hair brushed and played with. He is brushing my moms hair in this picture.

We are going down the long road of potty training. Its been an adventure so far and its only getting more crazy and more busy. But it really is a lot of fun to see him go potty in the big boy potty and to see his face light up.
For Easter we had a bunch of friends from church over to have a BBQ and an Easter egg hunt for the little ones. Landon had gone to two the week before so he was an old pro. He was still going long after all the other kids tired out. And when he basket got too full to carry, he drug it and when that was too much he left it and brought the eggs too it. He refused help and got so mad at me when I tried to put some of his eggs into a bag so that it would not be too heavy. He is so independent and wants to learn things on his own.
I was inside watching them, trying to figure out what they were consentrating on so hard. So I went outside to check on them and found them trying to open some Starburst that they had found in an egg. Aftre many attempts they finally got them open and were very happy and content in eating them.

Sea World came to the Youth Center on base and brought lots of different animals. Landon had a blast watching all the animals. He was in love with all of them and was so intent on watching them all move around. He learned the word Penguin before so when he saw them in real life he was so thrilled. He also loved the flamingos and birds that they had flying around. This one was a Couscous and he kept saying "Ow cute kitty." and "Cat, cute." I tried to explain to him that it was not a kitty but he still called it that. He had fun petting it and letting it lick his hands. It was a really neat experience. He loves elephants (just like his mommy) so I cant wait to take him to a Zoo that has elephants he can see. He also loves Whales and fishies (he is in awe at Walmart, "More fishies mommy more more more, fishies.")so I think it will be fun to go to Sea World for real and see all the animals.