Monday, March 03, 2008

Headaches, coughes, colds and sleepy babys!

So I have to take Landon to the doctor today for the cold that has still not gone away after 10 days. Hopefully he will get better soon. I am gave in and started taking some Tylenol Sinus (Ive been worried because it sent me into pre term labor with Landon) I was being stubborn until my doctor told me if it got to Broncitis I would have to be hospitalized, so I figured Ide give the medicine a try. So far no problems with the baby and Im slowly getting better (I hope). I feel okay on the medicine but when it wears out I feel sick again.

Last night I had some crazy late night cravings. I was starving but all I wanted was a tostada from Taco Bell or Frito Pie!!! neither of which was easy to make or avaliable on a Sunday night. I was going crazy. Finally fell asleep but woke up still wanting them.

I am very excited about our new addition to the kitchen. We have been wanting a VitaMix (it has a ton of great features.) A friend of ours, has a friend who was selling hers for about 1/3 of the price that they are in stores. We could not afford it in the stores, have been wanting it but theres no way we could have ever afforded it any time soon. So at the price she was selling hers for (with everything) was totally within our budget. I am so EXCITED! My favorite feature is the fact that I can make HOME MADE RICE FLOUR for like a 1/3 or 1/4 of the price of buying it at the store. I am just thrilled. So excited!!! You can make soups, salsa, dressing, bread, all right there in the machine. SOOO AWESOME!!! Thanks Jamie for thinking of us. I cant wait to feel better and get in the kitchen to try it out.

My little house cleaner. Vaccuming in his house robe. I swear I never taught him that. :O) He LOVES to vaccum though!

My poor little baby is so sick, he has been making palets on the floor and laying down with his blanket on the floor. That is not Landon he is always up and moving. But for the last week, he just lays down on the floor or sits there and reads a book and loves to sit and cuddle on my lap (I love the cuddles but I know he is not feeling good) He has also been sleeping about 14 hours at night. But he is coughing for the first 5 or 6 hours straight. I feel so bad for him. I hope the doctor can help us out.

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Bill and Tara said...

POOR LITTLE GUY!!!! And poor you!!! I really hope you feel better soon. I was told you could take anything Tylenol, but I have heard different things from different doctors, so you never know. I kind of leaned on the side of taking meds, as long as it had the name Tylenol. :) When you feel better, you should check out a site I have on my links for glucose-free recipes, all wheat and dairy free, they look really yummy! I hope you two get better soon!