Thursday, March 06, 2008

Shake, Rattle and Roll!

We have MOVEMENT!!! Last night when I was laying in bed I thought I felt the baby move, but I was not sure, so I did not get too excited. But I ate a lollipop ( i know Im bad) about 30 minutes ago, and the baby started going like crazy. I guess its on a sugar high! Its so wonderful, I finally feel like there is something in there. Also this morning I woke up to a belly. I sat up and looked down and about had a heart attack. WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!!!!???? so its finally here, Ill have to post a picture after Noah gets home so he can take one. Anyway I was just so excited I had to post. I was getting a little worried because I felt Landon at about 14 weeks so this one was a little late, Noah says its a calm baby~~~ (well not right now) So let the games begin, now all the sickness seems like its actually for something. :O)

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mikensi.jung said...

ha ha, how cool! that freaks me out still. pregnancy is something in the future. not the near future, but the future. :) babies. strange way of bringin them into the world. i'll just have to get puppies. lol!