Thursday, March 06, 2008


Landon has RSV! (broncitis level) The doctor was so impressed that I had gotten him over the hump or the worst part of it at home. (pat on the back) I was not doing anything I dont normally do when he is sick, so Im glad that he was over the hospitalization phase. He said the humidifer in his room at night and the not letting him outside even to get in the car and into a store was good and that I tried to keep him as calm and settled as possible (that was not hard, he did it himself) he also said that what I was feeding him helped him too. I was just so happy that he did not have to go to the hospital like so many kids do.

They gave him so medicine to take at home once a day. (its what they had my friends baby on when he was in the hospital, strong stuff) And its really been helping him. He has only coughed many 7 or 8 times since Monday. YEAH!!! He is still all calm and quiet and wanting to be still and read, so I know he is still getting over it, but he is getting there so thats good. The medicine that they gave him can cause flu symptoms though in some kids, and of course it did in Landon. So I got to deal with him throwing up and have really bad diarreah for the first day and a half, but we are over that now too. Im so glad that they sent him to a new doctor who finally looked at him and tested him enough to figure out something was wrong. (the first doc said it was just the strep virus and to give him motrin at home, okay sure!!!)

But anyway, we have it figured out and he is getting better. YEAH!!!!!

Yesterday was mine and Noahs 3rd anniversary. I will post about that after Landon goes to bed tonight.


Amanda XOX said...

RSV- Wow, that's really serious! And that's going around the ward with sinus infections too! Way to go for keeping your cool and taking such good care of him at home. Hang in there!

Boston Family said...

Poor thing. I know it's hard on them. Blake had it at 9 months and I was worried about him going to the hospital. Luckily we got through it but it's very scary.

Bill and Tara said...

I'm so glad it was not hospital-worthy for you guys, means he has strong lungs! It's a yucky virus anyway, Jade was pretty miserable with it, so was I. Glad he is on the mends