Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Playing Catch up~!

A few pictures to play catch up with. :O)
We were eating corn on the cob with dinner the other night and I did not think Landon was ready for one, but he kept insisting on getting one, so we finally gave him one and he LOVED it. He did such a good job eatin it too and ate the whole thing. He liked being a big boy like daddy. :O)

We went to an Easter egg hunt that a group I belong too put together on base and we made little bunny ears, cookies, had an egg hunt, a bunny hop race, and danced. Landon had a blast!!! It was his first time egg hunting and since I helped him and Noah video taped it we did not get any pictures except before and after of getting into the eggs. He really enjoyed it, but had a hard time waiting at the starting line for the whistle to be blown. (little kids under two are not patient hurry up with the whistle blowing.)

He loves his horsey and he has a Elmo video that has cowboys in it, so he gets on the horse and bounces as high as he can most of the time with out holding on, saying "YeeHeee AH!" while the country music plays.
Landon loves to wear hats and the other morning he wanted me to put both hats on him. He is such a cheeser. He loves to pose for the pictures, but wont sit long enough because he'll pose and then want to see the picture so he will come around to look at it.
He loves to be outside and playing with his balls. He loves to help us water and take care of the yard too. He is such a big boy~

I have some pictures from the park too. (he has finally figured out most of the toys) But I wont overwhelm you with pictures (more then I already have) this time around. Just wanted to play catch up!


mikensi.jung said...

how fun :) corn on the cob! he ate a lot! :D fun times :) he will be a great big bro!

barbl said...

Hi Auri,
So fun to find you! It sounds like life is great fun for you. Congrats on a wonderful husband and beautiful son and a half!

Are your folks living in LV, too?

Email me!