Thursday, March 27, 2008

Its a.......bouncing baby boy!!!

We went to the doctor today to have our "find out what your having" ultrasound and its another boy!!!! YEAH!!!! We wanted a baby brother for Landon (he is surrounded by girls at church) and we have always wanted a house full of boys. I want a girl or more someday but I really want more boys then girls, and it looks like we are well on our way to that. They also moved up my due date which is GREAT!!!! Its always nicer when they move it up rather then back. :O) I have always wanted a boy first which we got with Landon, but no matter what we had first we defenitely wanted a boy second. A boy with a boy or a Girl with a brother to calm down the craziness from girls. Dont get me wrong I LOVE little girls and I want one so badly, but I am thrilled to be having another boy, (was thrilled with the prospect of either one and would be over the moon if it was a girl too.)

Noah and I both got all teary eyed and giddy when the ultrasound tec showed us the baby on the screen. It was just so amazing, even with the second baby its just such a blessing and a miracle. I am so greatful and feel so blessed that Heavenly Father loves me and trusts me and Noah enough to give us another child, to even give us Landon was such a blessing but to now have another one on the way is just such an overwhelming feeling of love, and peace and undiscribable joy. I am so excited to be entering the rhelm of being a mother of two (boys). :O) Motherhood is so great and AWESOME! Its the greatest calling any women could ask for. I am greatful to have two future priesthood holders and missionaries to raise and guide and nurture. I can't believe how amazing this feeling is, to know that my duty and my calling in life is to be a mother to such wonderful spirits. I could not imagine sending Landon away to live with someone else, hoping that they would love him like I do, that they would raise him like I would, that they would teach him and guide him with love and patience, and hoping that they would teach him about me and to love me. And thats what our Father in Heaven does, he sends each of his beloved children to this earth in hopes that they will be raised with love and guidance and that they will one day return to him. I am so humbled to know that he trusts me and that he is counting on me to nurture his spirit children and to help them on the right, righteous path in this life so that they may return to him with honor. What greater blessing could we as mothers ask for? I know that I will make my share of mistakes but I know that if I am doing those things that are in harmony with the gospel, if I read my scriptures, say my prayers, love and serve others that the Holy Ghost will guide me on this incredible journey and help me to raise these sweet spirits in the way that our Father in Heaven would have me do.

If you cant tell, I am very overwhelmed with joy and love. :O) Here is the babies arm. He is waving hi! Count his fingers, he has all five. :O) He also looked right at the screen when he waved, he was saying hi, and in my eyes there was a big smile on his face, and the "I cant wait to see you mom." face. To me it seemed like he really was looking right in my eyes as I looked in his. (I know Im cheesy)
In this picture he was drinking and you could see his little tongue moving. Its was very precious! I love his little profile!
Heres the money shot. No denying that he is a boy. My dad asked, "Are you sure, with out a doubt that its a boy?" And I just laughed and showed him the picture and he was said, "Oh yeah, either someone dropped a bottle nipple in there or its a boy." Landon was the same way, no denying that he is a boy!
Here in the right of the screen is his monster foot. That was the first thing the tec noticed. She said "holy cow he has big feet, and he is only half way done growing them in utero." He also has really long legs. Another Landon, big ole baby. Landon was the longest baby our doctor had ever delivered. I guess we make them big. :O)

For all of you who want to know. We do have a name picked out, but this time around we are trying not to tell anyone. We told people Landons name and now three babies at Noahs work all have the name Landon. (its insane, they all used the name after our Landon was born, but still) I am picky, I want names that are not really common and that not alot of people have. We had never heard the name Landon, except on a movie until after our Landon was born.... so I know people will use the names but Ide rather not pick a name that everyone already has. (not that there is any thing wrong with that, Its just not for us.) :O) So youll just have to be patient with the name. :O)


mikensi.jung said...

so fun! how exciting! those are awesome ultrasounds! i wanted to be an ultrasound tech, but somehow that idea went out the window. love you! have a great rest of the pregnancy!

Amanda XOX said...

Horray for boys!! I'm like you, a girl eventually, but very satisfied with boys for now. I can't believe that money shot! I've never seen one like that- it was so cool! I'm glad we can be moms of boys together =o)

jamiegilson said...

Loved the pictures. We've never found out the sex of our kids so I've often wondered if it's truly as easy to tell as everyone says. And with this boy, I'd have to say Yep, I definitely see it.=)
You're an AWESOME mom and these 2 boys are lucky to have you and Noah. Hope you're doing well.

Mark and Aubrey said...

Hi Aurie, It's Aubrey Stewart, from the ward. I found your blog through Amanda's. Congratulations on the baby boy, I'm with you, eventhough I'm fully excited to be having a girl, I can't wait to have a bunch of little boys running around. Just wanted to let you know I like your blog and also that I am totally free and willing to babysit for Landon anytime you need, bedrest is definately a pain, feel better and let me know if you need anything.

Michael said...

congrats. Cute picture!