Friday, March 07, 2008

I love you today more then yesterday and tommorow more then today.

So our 3 year anniversary was on Wednesday and we went to eat at Outback and then to see the movie Vantage Point, (it was really good by the way). We just enjoyed being with each other and not having to worry about getting home in time to relieve the babysitter, (it was my dad) it was just so nice and peaceful.

We talked about what we thought the 5 most memoriable things were that we have gone through so far in our marriage, both of ours varied a little bit but we had 3 in common.

1. Our sealing in the temple. What an amazing experience that was, to be sealed and know that we were each others for time and all eternity. To know that at that moment, no matter what happened in the future that we would always be together. What better way to celebrate your love then by making it for forever.

2. Having Landon. It was one of the most amazing experiences ever. Noah swore he was going to stay up by my head, but that did not happen, he was right down there in the heat of it holding my leg and leaning over to watch the baby come out. I remember when they layed him on my lap, I was so exhausted I could not even cry, I was just so amazed that I had done it, that he was finally here, that all that work all those months had resulted in this amazingly beautiful perfect little spirit, who just stared back up at me. I just kept saying "Hi sweetheart, Im your mommy." (of course I cry now) The tears started when I looked at Noah and saw them streaming down his face. There is was, our beautiful little family. Me Noah and Landon!

3. Finding out we were pregnant after trying for over a year with baby number 2. We had went to a Infertility doctor who told us to stop trying because she needed to run some tests. So when I started getting sick I thought it was just the flu. But then we were at the grocery store and I could barely make it down the first isle with out throwing up. So I just figured what the heck we will take the test just so I know its the flu. We got home I went to take the test. Noah was in the nursery changing Landon. I took the test and when the results came I had to do a double take, I could not believe it, I was so shocked I could hardly move. Somehow I made it to Noah and held the test over his shoulders. He said "Is it....?" and then started crying, he turned around, wrapped his arms around me and we both just crying and laughed and cried some more, and then we held Landon and just stared at him. It was so amazing!

Noahs other two were:

His baptism. He said that he never knew there was anything out there that was so right and so amazing and just fit so perfectly with his plan for his life. He said it was the most eye opening and spiritually enlighting day for him. A day he will always remember.

Basic training. He was so scared and nervous and at the same time calm and collected because he knew that this was what was going to provided for him and his family all the things he always wanted to give them.

My other two were:

Our trip to Disneyworld. It was really the first time that we got to see the true kid like qualities in each other. I loved the look on Noahs face when get got there, it was priceless, like a 5 year old going to this magical place that he only dreamed about. Only he was 18 and going to a magical place that he had only dreamed about.

Our trip to hawaii. It was so wonderful to be able to put Landon to bed and go sit out on our porch 10 feet from the ocean and watch the sunset and the waves crash on the beach. Ever want to rekindle your romance, thats the place to go.
I also was reading on a friends blog where she had listed all the things she loved about her husband and I figured. That this was a fitting time to do that.

1.When he holds me in his arms I feel like everything in the world is all better. That nothing could ever hurt me or had ever hurt me.

2.I love holding his hand. When my hand is in his hand I feel secure and "giddy".

3.He talks just as much as me

4.He is a great listner

5.He is a great kisser.

6.He loves to cuddle.

7.He does this thing at night where it sounds like he is eating. It drives me crazy, but I would miss it so much if it was gone.

8.He falls asleep during almost EVERY movie we watch at home, no matter what it is and no matter what time of day it is.

9.He has a candy weakness just as much as me.

10.He does not like to hurt other peoples feelings and will bend over backwards for anyone.
He is a great father

11.Always a kid a heart.

12.He is always so calm and collected about things.

13.Everything is just so plain for him, he never worries about things.

14.He will do anything for the people he loves.

15.He pouty bottome lip (I cant resist it)

16.We can lay in bed and talk for hours

17.We like the same kind of movies, and even if its something he does not particularly like, he will still watch it if he knows I want too.

18.He trusts me

19.I trust him

20.He sings along the radio as loud as he can, even though he is totally off key.

21.He loves to be outdoors and try new things.

22.He is athletic and loves to run and be moving

23.When he sets his mind to something he does it.

24.He is passionate about his job.

25.He leaves me silly little notes.

26.He stinks at Pictionaryand does not even care and totally puts up with my teasing him about it.

27.He loves to eat, and since I love to cook, it works out great.

28.He likes the same authors I like so we can always talk about the books with each other.

29.He likes to spend time with me weither its reading to each other or just cuddling up to watch a movie.

30.He knows nothing about cars, or home repairs, and he admits it and is learning as much as he can.

31.He loves sports and we can talk about it all the time.

32.He lets me decorate the house they way I want, while still giving his opinion and helping me out.

33.He is my best friend.

34.He is the best shopping buddy, he will tell me what looks good and what does not.

35.We like and dislike most of the same foods.

36.He is tall and I always have to stand on my tippy toes to kiss him.

37.I love to run my fingers through his hair.

38.I love that he cries in movies.

39.I love his testimony, his spirit, and his love for our Father in Heaven, and our Savior Jesus Christ.

40.I love his conviction for whats right and wrong.

41.I love that he gets into politics just as much as me.

42.I love that his eyes change color according to the weather.

43.I love that he thinks doing yard work makes him a tough man.

44.I love that he is willing to admit when he is wrong (takes a bit.) :O) And that he is willing to admit when he does not know something

45.He loves kids and enjoys being with them and being silly, sometimes I think more then with adults.

46.He loves to sit with me and talk about the future. (he cant wait to be a grandpa)

47.We could spend 2 weeks straight together with no break and still be laughing and having fun.

48.He always knows what to do to make me laugh.

49.He is passionate about life, love and family.

50.I mostly love the way that he loves me and shows me each and everyday.


mikensi.jung said...

you two are SO cute! your family will be soooo blessed! i'm sure it already has been! you will be one i look up to when, if ever, i shall have babies, lol!

Boston Family said...

Happy Anniversary! It's sounds like you guys had a great evening out. Love you guys!

Cheryl said...

Hi Aurie! I hope you don't mind me commenting. I saw that you had found Mari's blog and so I checked out yours. Your family is beautiful! What an adorable little guy!! Tell your family all hello from me!! I miss seeing them.

Lots of love!

Cheryl Ekstrom

Bill and Tara said...

SO SWEET Aurie! I love your list! I remember having our anniversary and being pregnant too. It's nice to get out alone. Noah is pretty awesome, you two make quite a match. Love you guys!