Monday, March 17, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun in the summer sun!!

Landon loves the park, I think we go there just about every day if not twice a day. Its within walking distance which makes it really nice, but we also have to drive by it to leave the base too, so every time he sees it "Park!" or "Weee mommy!" Its hard to say no when he gives you those big puppy dog eyes, and since he has so much fun we dont mind going.

I love this picture, Noahs feet look like they are just about as big as Landon. They were hanging out and Landon was making Noahs feet dance.
We went on an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and my parents came along. Landon loves his Pops (my dad) and my dad adores him. They always have a blast together.
We had what smelled like a gas leak in the house last night. NOT GOOD!!! But it turned out to be an electrical fire in our walls. It did eventually start to smell like something burning. We called the housing maintance who firgured out it was not a gas leak so we could stay in the house. They shut off all the power to all the bed rooms and the bathroom and came back this morning to figure out where it was coming from. Noah and I were both so paranoid the whole night that we barely slept. We would have gone and stayed somewhere else but by the time we figured out what was going on it was pushing midnight and Landon was long since in bed. We prayed about it and felt safe enough to stay here but it still did not help us sleep better. :O) They figured out today that our ceiling fans motor blew and caught all the wires on fire which melted into the fan and light fixtures, so they gave us a new fan. (hope it fixes the problem) Just got to love military housing! We are hoping they will give us a new house....(hahahahaha, dont think that will happen) But hey wishful thinking never hurt anyone!!! All in all it was a nice weekend, until last night!!! :O)


jamiegilson said...

Oh my goodness!!! An electrical fire in the walls? It sounds more serious than maintenance made it out to be, but oh my goodness? I'd have been paranoid all night too afraid of burning in my sleep. Yikes.
Hope you're feeling better today.

When you mentioned Landon's puppy dog eyes, I have to agree that I can imagine those eyes helping him get away with a whole lot of stuff.=) You guys are cute and you're such a GREAT MOM!

Bill and Tara said...

You are brave. I miss base houseing, it is really a drag sometimes to have to take care of EVERYTHING with the house, on our own. I am grateful for my house, but they are such money pits, never-ending! I'm glad it turned out all right for you guys, and nothing bad happened.

and Landon will have many woes in life simply taken away from him because of his eyes, he will just make people melt!

mikensi.jung said...

shoots! glad everything is ok! that could have been bad! your boy is still cute as ever! and hey, does that baby countdown make it seem like you have longer to go? i'd think w/ being pregnant it'd be ... tantalizing almost. lol