Thursday, March 27, 2008

Its a.......bouncing baby boy!!!

We went to the doctor today to have our "find out what your having" ultrasound and its another boy!!!! YEAH!!!! We wanted a baby brother for Landon (he is surrounded by girls at church) and we have always wanted a house full of boys. I want a girl or more someday but I really want more boys then girls, and it looks like we are well on our way to that. They also moved up my due date which is GREAT!!!! Its always nicer when they move it up rather then back. :O) I have always wanted a boy first which we got with Landon, but no matter what we had first we defenitely wanted a boy second. A boy with a boy or a Girl with a brother to calm down the craziness from girls. Dont get me wrong I LOVE little girls and I want one so badly, but I am thrilled to be having another boy, (was thrilled with the prospect of either one and would be over the moon if it was a girl too.)

Noah and I both got all teary eyed and giddy when the ultrasound tec showed us the baby on the screen. It was just so amazing, even with the second baby its just such a blessing and a miracle. I am so greatful and feel so blessed that Heavenly Father loves me and trusts me and Noah enough to give us another child, to even give us Landon was such a blessing but to now have another one on the way is just such an overwhelming feeling of love, and peace and undiscribable joy. I am so excited to be entering the rhelm of being a mother of two (boys). :O) Motherhood is so great and AWESOME! Its the greatest calling any women could ask for. I am greatful to have two future priesthood holders and missionaries to raise and guide and nurture. I can't believe how amazing this feeling is, to know that my duty and my calling in life is to be a mother to such wonderful spirits. I could not imagine sending Landon away to live with someone else, hoping that they would love him like I do, that they would raise him like I would, that they would teach him and guide him with love and patience, and hoping that they would teach him about me and to love me. And thats what our Father in Heaven does, he sends each of his beloved children to this earth in hopes that they will be raised with love and guidance and that they will one day return to him. I am so humbled to know that he trusts me and that he is counting on me to nurture his spirit children and to help them on the right, righteous path in this life so that they may return to him with honor. What greater blessing could we as mothers ask for? I know that I will make my share of mistakes but I know that if I am doing those things that are in harmony with the gospel, if I read my scriptures, say my prayers, love and serve others that the Holy Ghost will guide me on this incredible journey and help me to raise these sweet spirits in the way that our Father in Heaven would have me do.

If you cant tell, I am very overwhelmed with joy and love. :O) Here is the babies arm. He is waving hi! Count his fingers, he has all five. :O) He also looked right at the screen when he waved, he was saying hi, and in my eyes there was a big smile on his face, and the "I cant wait to see you mom." face. To me it seemed like he really was looking right in my eyes as I looked in his. (I know Im cheesy)
In this picture he was drinking and you could see his little tongue moving. Its was very precious! I love his little profile!
Heres the money shot. No denying that he is a boy. My dad asked, "Are you sure, with out a doubt that its a boy?" And I just laughed and showed him the picture and he was said, "Oh yeah, either someone dropped a bottle nipple in there or its a boy." Landon was the same way, no denying that he is a boy!
Here in the right of the screen is his monster foot. That was the first thing the tec noticed. She said "holy cow he has big feet, and he is only half way done growing them in utero." He also has really long legs. Another Landon, big ole baby. Landon was the longest baby our doctor had ever delivered. I guess we make them big. :O)

For all of you who want to know. We do have a name picked out, but this time around we are trying not to tell anyone. We told people Landons name and now three babies at Noahs work all have the name Landon. (its insane, they all used the name after our Landon was born, but still) I am picky, I want names that are not really common and that not alot of people have. We had never heard the name Landon, except on a movie until after our Landon was born.... so I know people will use the names but Ide rather not pick a name that everyone already has. (not that there is any thing wrong with that, Its just not for us.) :O) So youll just have to be patient with the name. :O)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun in the summer sun!!

Landon loves the park, I think we go there just about every day if not twice a day. Its within walking distance which makes it really nice, but we also have to drive by it to leave the base too, so every time he sees it "Park!" or "Weee mommy!" Its hard to say no when he gives you those big puppy dog eyes, and since he has so much fun we dont mind going.

I love this picture, Noahs feet look like they are just about as big as Landon. They were hanging out and Landon was making Noahs feet dance.
We went on an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and my parents came along. Landon loves his Pops (my dad) and my dad adores him. They always have a blast together.
We had what smelled like a gas leak in the house last night. NOT GOOD!!! But it turned out to be an electrical fire in our walls. It did eventually start to smell like something burning. We called the housing maintance who firgured out it was not a gas leak so we could stay in the house. They shut off all the power to all the bed rooms and the bathroom and came back this morning to figure out where it was coming from. Noah and I were both so paranoid the whole night that we barely slept. We would have gone and stayed somewhere else but by the time we figured out what was going on it was pushing midnight and Landon was long since in bed. We prayed about it and felt safe enough to stay here but it still did not help us sleep better. :O) They figured out today that our ceiling fans motor blew and caught all the wires on fire which melted into the fan and light fixtures, so they gave us a new fan. (hope it fixes the problem) Just got to love military housing! We are hoping they will give us a new house....(hahahahaha, dont think that will happen) But hey wishful thinking never hurt anyone!!! All in all it was a nice weekend, until last night!!! :O)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

George, George, George of the Jungle!

I had no idea I was raising a monkey! We went to the Park with some friends of ours (Kirsten and Ila) and Landon kept wanting to hang on the bars and did not want for me to hold him. So I got to move away long enough to take a picture, and he did not even fall. What a little monkey, I can not believe how strong he is. Can you believe he did that? I still cant believe it!! :O) No longer a baby, now a big boy.....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Playing Catch up~!

A few pictures to play catch up with. :O)
We were eating corn on the cob with dinner the other night and I did not think Landon was ready for one, but he kept insisting on getting one, so we finally gave him one and he LOVED it. He did such a good job eatin it too and ate the whole thing. He liked being a big boy like daddy. :O)

We went to an Easter egg hunt that a group I belong too put together on base and we made little bunny ears, cookies, had an egg hunt, a bunny hop race, and danced. Landon had a blast!!! It was his first time egg hunting and since I helped him and Noah video taped it we did not get any pictures except before and after of getting into the eggs. He really enjoyed it, but had a hard time waiting at the starting line for the whistle to be blown. (little kids under two are not patient hurry up with the whistle blowing.)

He loves his horsey and he has a Elmo video that has cowboys in it, so he gets on the horse and bounces as high as he can most of the time with out holding on, saying "YeeHeee AH!" while the country music plays.
Landon loves to wear hats and the other morning he wanted me to put both hats on him. He is such a cheeser. He loves to pose for the pictures, but wont sit long enough because he'll pose and then want to see the picture so he will come around to look at it.
He loves to be outside and playing with his balls. He loves to help us water and take care of the yard too. He is such a big boy~

I have some pictures from the park too. (he has finally figured out most of the toys) But I wont overwhelm you with pictures (more then I already have) this time around. Just wanted to play catch up!

Friday, March 07, 2008

I love you today more then yesterday and tommorow more then today.

So our 3 year anniversary was on Wednesday and we went to eat at Outback and then to see the movie Vantage Point, (it was really good by the way). We just enjoyed being with each other and not having to worry about getting home in time to relieve the babysitter, (it was my dad) it was just so nice and peaceful.

We talked about what we thought the 5 most memoriable things were that we have gone through so far in our marriage, both of ours varied a little bit but we had 3 in common.

1. Our sealing in the temple. What an amazing experience that was, to be sealed and know that we were each others for time and all eternity. To know that at that moment, no matter what happened in the future that we would always be together. What better way to celebrate your love then by making it for forever.

2. Having Landon. It was one of the most amazing experiences ever. Noah swore he was going to stay up by my head, but that did not happen, he was right down there in the heat of it holding my leg and leaning over to watch the baby come out. I remember when they layed him on my lap, I was so exhausted I could not even cry, I was just so amazed that I had done it, that he was finally here, that all that work all those months had resulted in this amazingly beautiful perfect little spirit, who just stared back up at me. I just kept saying "Hi sweetheart, Im your mommy." (of course I cry now) The tears started when I looked at Noah and saw them streaming down his face. There is was, our beautiful little family. Me Noah and Landon!

3. Finding out we were pregnant after trying for over a year with baby number 2. We had went to a Infertility doctor who told us to stop trying because she needed to run some tests. So when I started getting sick I thought it was just the flu. But then we were at the grocery store and I could barely make it down the first isle with out throwing up. So I just figured what the heck we will take the test just so I know its the flu. We got home I went to take the test. Noah was in the nursery changing Landon. I took the test and when the results came I had to do a double take, I could not believe it, I was so shocked I could hardly move. Somehow I made it to Noah and held the test over his shoulders. He said "Is it....?" and then started crying, he turned around, wrapped his arms around me and we both just crying and laughed and cried some more, and then we held Landon and just stared at him. It was so amazing!

Noahs other two were:

His baptism. He said that he never knew there was anything out there that was so right and so amazing and just fit so perfectly with his plan for his life. He said it was the most eye opening and spiritually enlighting day for him. A day he will always remember.

Basic training. He was so scared and nervous and at the same time calm and collected because he knew that this was what was going to provided for him and his family all the things he always wanted to give them.

My other two were:

Our trip to Disneyworld. It was really the first time that we got to see the true kid like qualities in each other. I loved the look on Noahs face when get got there, it was priceless, like a 5 year old going to this magical place that he only dreamed about. Only he was 18 and going to a magical place that he had only dreamed about.

Our trip to hawaii. It was so wonderful to be able to put Landon to bed and go sit out on our porch 10 feet from the ocean and watch the sunset and the waves crash on the beach. Ever want to rekindle your romance, thats the place to go.
I also was reading on a friends blog where she had listed all the things she loved about her husband and I figured. That this was a fitting time to do that.

1.When he holds me in his arms I feel like everything in the world is all better. That nothing could ever hurt me or had ever hurt me.

2.I love holding his hand. When my hand is in his hand I feel secure and "giddy".

3.He talks just as much as me

4.He is a great listner

5.He is a great kisser.

6.He loves to cuddle.

7.He does this thing at night where it sounds like he is eating. It drives me crazy, but I would miss it so much if it was gone.

8.He falls asleep during almost EVERY movie we watch at home, no matter what it is and no matter what time of day it is.

9.He has a candy weakness just as much as me.

10.He does not like to hurt other peoples feelings and will bend over backwards for anyone.
He is a great father

11.Always a kid a heart.

12.He is always so calm and collected about things.

13.Everything is just so plain for him, he never worries about things.

14.He will do anything for the people he loves.

15.He pouty bottome lip (I cant resist it)

16.We can lay in bed and talk for hours

17.We like the same kind of movies, and even if its something he does not particularly like, he will still watch it if he knows I want too.

18.He trusts me

19.I trust him

20.He sings along the radio as loud as he can, even though he is totally off key.

21.He loves to be outdoors and try new things.

22.He is athletic and loves to run and be moving

23.When he sets his mind to something he does it.

24.He is passionate about his job.

25.He leaves me silly little notes.

26.He stinks at Pictionaryand does not even care and totally puts up with my teasing him about it.

27.He loves to eat, and since I love to cook, it works out great.

28.He likes the same authors I like so we can always talk about the books with each other.

29.He likes to spend time with me weither its reading to each other or just cuddling up to watch a movie.

30.He knows nothing about cars, or home repairs, and he admits it and is learning as much as he can.

31.He loves sports and we can talk about it all the time.

32.He lets me decorate the house they way I want, while still giving his opinion and helping me out.

33.He is my best friend.

34.He is the best shopping buddy, he will tell me what looks good and what does not.

35.We like and dislike most of the same foods.

36.He is tall and I always have to stand on my tippy toes to kiss him.

37.I love to run my fingers through his hair.

38.I love that he cries in movies.

39.I love his testimony, his spirit, and his love for our Father in Heaven, and our Savior Jesus Christ.

40.I love his conviction for whats right and wrong.

41.I love that he gets into politics just as much as me.

42.I love that his eyes change color according to the weather.

43.I love that he thinks doing yard work makes him a tough man.

44.I love that he is willing to admit when he is wrong (takes a bit.) :O) And that he is willing to admit when he does not know something

45.He loves kids and enjoys being with them and being silly, sometimes I think more then with adults.

46.He loves to sit with me and talk about the future. (he cant wait to be a grandpa)

47.We could spend 2 weeks straight together with no break and still be laughing and having fun.

48.He always knows what to do to make me laugh.

49.He is passionate about life, love and family.

50.I mostly love the way that he loves me and shows me each and everyday.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Shake, Rattle and Roll!

We have MOVEMENT!!! Last night when I was laying in bed I thought I felt the baby move, but I was not sure, so I did not get too excited. But I ate a lollipop ( i know Im bad) about 30 minutes ago, and the baby started going like crazy. I guess its on a sugar high! Its so wonderful, I finally feel like there is something in there. Also this morning I woke up to a belly. I sat up and looked down and about had a heart attack. WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!!!!???? so its finally here, Ill have to post a picture after Noah gets home so he can take one. Anyway I was just so excited I had to post. I was getting a little worried because I felt Landon at about 14 weeks so this one was a little late, Noah says its a calm baby~~~ (well not right now) So let the games begin, now all the sickness seems like its actually for something. :O)


Landon has RSV! (broncitis level) The doctor was so impressed that I had gotten him over the hump or the worst part of it at home. (pat on the back) I was not doing anything I dont normally do when he is sick, so Im glad that he was over the hospitalization phase. He said the humidifer in his room at night and the not letting him outside even to get in the car and into a store was good and that I tried to keep him as calm and settled as possible (that was not hard, he did it himself) he also said that what I was feeding him helped him too. I was just so happy that he did not have to go to the hospital like so many kids do.

They gave him so medicine to take at home once a day. (its what they had my friends baby on when he was in the hospital, strong stuff) And its really been helping him. He has only coughed many 7 or 8 times since Monday. YEAH!!! He is still all calm and quiet and wanting to be still and read, so I know he is still getting over it, but he is getting there so thats good. The medicine that they gave him can cause flu symptoms though in some kids, and of course it did in Landon. So I got to deal with him throwing up and have really bad diarreah for the first day and a half, but we are over that now too. Im so glad that they sent him to a new doctor who finally looked at him and tested him enough to figure out something was wrong. (the first doc said it was just the strep virus and to give him motrin at home, okay sure!!!)

But anyway, we have it figured out and he is getting better. YEAH!!!!!

Yesterday was mine and Noahs 3rd anniversary. I will post about that after Landon goes to bed tonight.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Headaches, coughes, colds and sleepy babys!

So I have to take Landon to the doctor today for the cold that has still not gone away after 10 days. Hopefully he will get better soon. I am gave in and started taking some Tylenol Sinus (Ive been worried because it sent me into pre term labor with Landon) I was being stubborn until my doctor told me if it got to Broncitis I would have to be hospitalized, so I figured Ide give the medicine a try. So far no problems with the baby and Im slowly getting better (I hope). I feel okay on the medicine but when it wears out I feel sick again.

Last night I had some crazy late night cravings. I was starving but all I wanted was a tostada from Taco Bell or Frito Pie!!! neither of which was easy to make or avaliable on a Sunday night. I was going crazy. Finally fell asleep but woke up still wanting them.

I am very excited about our new addition to the kitchen. We have been wanting a VitaMix (it has a ton of great features.) A friend of ours, has a friend who was selling hers for about 1/3 of the price that they are in stores. We could not afford it in the stores, have been wanting it but theres no way we could have ever afforded it any time soon. So at the price she was selling hers for (with everything) was totally within our budget. I am so EXCITED! My favorite feature is the fact that I can make HOME MADE RICE FLOUR for like a 1/3 or 1/4 of the price of buying it at the store. I am just thrilled. So excited!!! You can make soups, salsa, dressing, bread, all right there in the machine. SOOO AWESOME!!! Thanks Jamie for thinking of us. I cant wait to feel better and get in the kitchen to try it out.

My little house cleaner. Vaccuming in his house robe. I swear I never taught him that. :O) He LOVES to vaccum though!

My poor little baby is so sick, he has been making palets on the floor and laying down with his blanket on the floor. That is not Landon he is always up and moving. But for the last week, he just lays down on the floor or sits there and reads a book and loves to sit and cuddle on my lap (I love the cuddles but I know he is not feeling good) He has also been sleeping about 14 hours at night. But he is coughing for the first 5 or 6 hours straight. I feel so bad for him. I hope the doctor can help us out.