Friday, February 29, 2008

Tired of feeling like my eyes are 80.

So I have bad eye sight anyway, but when Im pregnant it gets AWAY worse, and no eye doc will see you because your pregnant and your eyes change. Well DUH but at least let me see straight for 9 months. My vision is so blurry, even with my contacts in, which for some reason wont stay in they keep moving all over the place. Why does pregnancy have to effect so many things?

I also had to go to the hospital to get a strep culter done. OH so fun!! And then its race day so we waited in an hour of traffic to go from one side of the base to the other. and then at the last minute they close the gate! So thats great there goes my whole moring. I feel bad for anyone who lives on the hospital side of base, pain in the butt to get off during race weekend. :O( Sorry guys!

More fun festive news> (not really) Noahs been working the swing shift which is really hard on the family because he is gone most of the day. From about 11am-10pm so we never see him. We have just been looking forward to him moving to the day shift next week. But NO, the new Cheif decided to make Noah switch crews with some one who is dating a gal on his crew and so now Noah is going to have another month of swings and I get another month of not seeing my husband. Its so hard not eating dinner together, not going to bed together, just plain not getting to be a "couple". I miss him and now I have to do another month straight with out a break. Its hard on all of us. And he loves his crew so he does not want to move. On top of it all the guy he is switching with is leaving in a month and a half, just make him stick it out, dont punish my family. Looking on the bright side, he complained that now he was going to have to work on our anniversary next week and so they gave him that day off, so at least Ill get him for our anniversary.


(so I vented alot but lifes really good, just a little mucky this week.) :O)


jamiegilson said...

I didn't know you wore contacts???

About the hospital gate, I was 10 mins late missing getting in the back gate (6:10 pm) and had to try to turn left onto that main road leading to the hospital gate. Bad, but not an hour worth. So sorry for you. We just don't go anywhere. Izzy's helped out with that. It looks like she's got the flu bug now too. Fever at 102. Poor girl's been sleeping the past 2 days almost straight.

So sorry to hear about Noah's shifts. Bah!!! I hope next week brings better news too.

jamiegilson said...

wait, why did I write left. I meant right. The traffic was that bad that even turning right onto that main strip was a bear. Looks like it's time for bed ... not thinking straight.

Bill and Tara said...

That picture of Landon says it ALL!!! I do not miss split bases, it really makes you appreciate the bases where everything is together and no major "civillian" road splits the darn place! Maybe on your next assignment, hopefully? :)
oh, and as for the eye sight, I know how you feel, stupid eyes! (what are they thinking?) :) luvya!