Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Catch UP!

Okay, so this is a catch up but I promised a pregnancy picture. So this is me at 15 weeks. Still not one pound gained and most days I dont even feel like I am showing. With Landon I got so big so fast, not the case with this baby! Maybe this time I wont look like Im having twins or triplets at 32 weeks prego. Wish me luck, we are off to a great start. Ill post more soon.

So I have not uploaded pictures in ages it seems like, so I figured I would play catch up for the next few days, instead of overwhelming you with a ton all at once. So here is our pictures from our Early Christmas with my brother Micah. (the one thats overseas right now) Landon loves to clap and say yeah! He loves it when you let him know he did something good.

My brother got his cookie monster shirt when he came and stayed with us our first year of marriage in Alabama. We could not believe our luck when we found one that matched in Landons size right before Micah came for christmas. It was too perfect and fun we had to get it.
Okay, So oh my gosh I look tan! Wish I looked like that all the time. :O)
Noahs present from my brother for Christmas. Noahs new ride! Now he does not have to walk to work.
Landon loves Micah. He points at his picture now and asks for Micah all the time. He really adores him, and Micah adores Landon too. Still holding out Micahs back in time for the next baby. For any who want to know, he is doing great and loves his job over there, he is having a blast. But is really sick of shaving!!

Landon opening his present from Uncle Micah. (so glad the binky is gone, and only for bed time now!)


Bill and Tara said...

Your belly is SOOO cute! I hope that little sweetheart keeps growing big and strong! Great pictures of Landon, I still can't get over how much he has changed. Time goes by so fast!

Boston Family said...

What a difference between Landon and this baby! I think we switched for this pregnancy! I've actually lost almost 15 lbs like I did last time but I really have a round baby bump going on early. Good news I'm not getting a lot bigger I just got big fast and slowed down. You look great though. I hope that helps you out towards the end. Landon is too cute. I love the cookie monster shirt!