Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy Weekend!

So I was sick of my hair being still the same color on the ends as what I got done about 2 years ago. So I went in to get it cut and asked for it to be right down past my shoulders, I gave her a picture and everything. I did not wind up with the cut I wanted, she did it way shorter then I wanted to go, about 2 inches shorter. Its cute and makes me look like a mommy! Its not so bad, and Im sure it will grow on me, its just something I have to actually do, instead of blow dry and go. I cried the first night, ( I think I do that with all hair cuts) and the stupid me looked at pictures of me with my long hair, :O( bad idea, I miss it. Hopefully being pregnant will make my hair grow faster. I wanted something I did not really have to do to much too for when the baby comes, something I could figure out now and then have it work in a few months, so heres to hopeing it grows. :O) Heres some pictures of it!

Also, we took Landon to the doctor on Friday, for what we thought was a bad diaper rash, he has had it for about 2 months, and it turned out it was a diaper rash but that it was so bad because he has a latex allergy. He was having diareah because he has the strep virus, and the runny stool was pulling the latex bands out from under the cotton cloth part, so it was making the rash go all up and down his legs and all over the whole area his diaper covered. My poor baby! I went online and to a nurse friend to read about it, and Latex is in so many things. I am so glad that I have always refused to give Landon the Latex binkies, (I just dont like them) and have always given him the Silicone ones because its says that it will lead to bad rashes on the mouth and face and can close up there airways. SCARY! If any of you know anything about it, or know anyone who has a child with Latex allergies, I would like to know what they do and how they handle it. We have switched to a different brand of diapers that said they were Latex free, we will see what happens.


Amanda XOX said...

I love that hair cut!! You look great! I need to be more daring with haircuts- no more "just trim an inch off the bottom please!"

Poor little Landon- hang in there bud. We hope the new diapers feel a lot better on your sore tushy.

mikensi.jung said...

what a cute mom you are! ;) hope landon is feeling better now!

Bill and Tara said...

LOVE your hair, and it will grow fast, no worries. You know, Home Depot just started selling a new line of house paint, it's latex free for people with allergies. I had no idea that it's such an issue someone came up with a whole line of house paint for it. I know that I love the way my kitchen (latex-free) gloves feel. :) Sounds like there is a whole world out there of "latex-free" but you just have to know where to look. Wish I knew more to help, all I can say is that when you guys get a house and need to paint, go check out Home Depot. :) Poor Landon :(

jamiegilson said...

I love the hair cut, but I'm with you. You go in saying, please give me something that will be quick and easy and you come out with more than you bargained for. But it does look really good on you.

As for the latex allergy, my goodness, you guys have all the luck.=( Hope it gets better.

kAt said...

Hey Aurie, so I decided to join the club! I picked this picture to right you a note because I love your haircut, again. Anyways check me out at:

Hope you are feeling better.