Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby Visit!

So I went to the doctor today and finally after almost 16 weeks I have gained some weight, a whole 2 pounds. We also heard the babies heart beat for the first time, they could not find it last time. I was really hard for her to find it with this one because the baby would not quit moving, she would get it and then it would move. She finally got it and the rate was 157 so the baby is busy and healthy. (looks like we have another mover and shaker on our hands) The doctor kept calling it a boy and so did the nurses. Last night someone asked what we were having, and I just blurted out "A BOY!, I mean I dont know!" So we will see if that holds true at all.

Couple of quick pictures of Landon, He loves to take his bathes and Noah loves to give him crazy hair so here are some of our crazy little man:

Landon likes for you to stack his cups and let water spray out of them and then he drinks it. Its very funny because most of the time he either misses it or it hits him in the eye and he shakes his head.

The bottom two are Landon "shaving". When we have a busy day he takes his bath while I shower because he loves it, and so he has seen me shave my legs. One day when I was getting dressed I looked over and he had my razor (upside down thank goodness) and my shaving cream and was "shaving" his legs. I laughed so hard and took it away and explained it to him. A few days later he found this back massager and its now his razor. He props his leg up on the side of the tub, and "shaves" his legs. Such a cutie! You can also see his lovely tub drawings. Our little artist.


Amanda XOX said...

I can't believe Landon pretends shaves his legs! That is so funny. He's a handsome little guy. Hopefully #2 will be just as handsome... or cute! I hoping it's another boy =o)

Boston Family said...

Yay! I'm glad you got to hear the heartbeat this time! It's always nice to hear that. Hopefully baby #2 won't keep you quite as busy as Landon has!

Bill and Tara said...

That is SOOO funny about the shaving! He is such a doll!!! Glad things are going well with the baby. Even when you know it's there, it is just SO reasuring to hear a good heartbeat, isn't it?