Friday, February 29, 2008

Tired of feeling like my eyes are 80.

So I have bad eye sight anyway, but when Im pregnant it gets AWAY worse, and no eye doc will see you because your pregnant and your eyes change. Well DUH but at least let me see straight for 9 months. My vision is so blurry, even with my contacts in, which for some reason wont stay in they keep moving all over the place. Why does pregnancy have to effect so many things?

I also had to go to the hospital to get a strep culter done. OH so fun!! And then its race day so we waited in an hour of traffic to go from one side of the base to the other. and then at the last minute they close the gate! So thats great there goes my whole moring. I feel bad for anyone who lives on the hospital side of base, pain in the butt to get off during race weekend. :O( Sorry guys!

More fun festive news> (not really) Noahs been working the swing shift which is really hard on the family because he is gone most of the day. From about 11am-10pm so we never see him. We have just been looking forward to him moving to the day shift next week. But NO, the new Cheif decided to make Noah switch crews with some one who is dating a gal on his crew and so now Noah is going to have another month of swings and I get another month of not seeing my husband. Its so hard not eating dinner together, not going to bed together, just plain not getting to be a "couple". I miss him and now I have to do another month straight with out a break. Its hard on all of us. And he loves his crew so he does not want to move. On top of it all the guy he is switching with is leaving in a month and a half, just make him stick it out, dont punish my family. Looking on the bright side, he complained that now he was going to have to work on our anniversary next week and so they gave him that day off, so at least Ill get him for our anniversary.


(so I vented alot but lifes really good, just a little mucky this week.) :O)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sick, Sick and more Sick!

So I think I have a sinus infection. My head feels like its going to implode or explode, who knows which will come first. All day for the last two days, light has hurt my eyes as well as most noises. I so want to be done with this and since Im pregnant and cant take anything it makes it worse. On top of that I have non stop heart burn no matter what I eat or when I eat it. I really dont like this whole part of pregnancy. Landon is still sick as well so we are a sick little house, hopefully Noah will not get anything! Stay away Noah, its dangerous here. Since he works nights and is gone most the time I think he is skirting by the sickness. Cross our fingers, he cant afford to get sick.

Today I did something I never thought as a mother I would do. I layed down on the couch and buried my head in the pillow and went to sleep while Landon ran around the living room and playroom. ( I had gates up so thats all he could get too.) Except for at the beginning when he could tell I was not feeling good and kept wanting to give me hugs and would cry for me for a few seconds, and then the occasion when he would touch my back to make sure Im alive, and bring me a few toys, he did pretty good, the dog actually bothered me more. :O) What a good little boy! I hope he gets better too, he still is coughing his head off and has constant runny nose that I catch him wiping with washrags from his room every now and then (I think its precious). He still has a fever hanging out around 100. Poor guy!

Wish us all better, and to be safe dont come around for a few days. :O)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy Weekend!

So I was sick of my hair being still the same color on the ends as what I got done about 2 years ago. So I went in to get it cut and asked for it to be right down past my shoulders, I gave her a picture and everything. I did not wind up with the cut I wanted, she did it way shorter then I wanted to go, about 2 inches shorter. Its cute and makes me look like a mommy! Its not so bad, and Im sure it will grow on me, its just something I have to actually do, instead of blow dry and go. I cried the first night, ( I think I do that with all hair cuts) and the stupid me looked at pictures of me with my long hair, :O( bad idea, I miss it. Hopefully being pregnant will make my hair grow faster. I wanted something I did not really have to do to much too for when the baby comes, something I could figure out now and then have it work in a few months, so heres to hopeing it grows. :O) Heres some pictures of it!

Also, we took Landon to the doctor on Friday, for what we thought was a bad diaper rash, he has had it for about 2 months, and it turned out it was a diaper rash but that it was so bad because he has a latex allergy. He was having diareah because he has the strep virus, and the runny stool was pulling the latex bands out from under the cotton cloth part, so it was making the rash go all up and down his legs and all over the whole area his diaper covered. My poor baby! I went online and to a nurse friend to read about it, and Latex is in so many things. I am so glad that I have always refused to give Landon the Latex binkies, (I just dont like them) and have always given him the Silicone ones because its says that it will lead to bad rashes on the mouth and face and can close up there airways. SCARY! If any of you know anything about it, or know anyone who has a child with Latex allergies, I would like to know what they do and how they handle it. We have switched to a different brand of diapers that said they were Latex free, we will see what happens.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby Visit!

So I went to the doctor today and finally after almost 16 weeks I have gained some weight, a whole 2 pounds. We also heard the babies heart beat for the first time, they could not find it last time. I was really hard for her to find it with this one because the baby would not quit moving, she would get it and then it would move. She finally got it and the rate was 157 so the baby is busy and healthy. (looks like we have another mover and shaker on our hands) The doctor kept calling it a boy and so did the nurses. Last night someone asked what we were having, and I just blurted out "A BOY!, I mean I dont know!" So we will see if that holds true at all.

Couple of quick pictures of Landon, He loves to take his bathes and Noah loves to give him crazy hair so here are some of our crazy little man:

Landon likes for you to stack his cups and let water spray out of them and then he drinks it. Its very funny because most of the time he either misses it or it hits him in the eye and he shakes his head.

The bottom two are Landon "shaving". When we have a busy day he takes his bath while I shower because he loves it, and so he has seen me shave my legs. One day when I was getting dressed I looked over and he had my razor (upside down thank goodness) and my shaving cream and was "shaving" his legs. I laughed so hard and took it away and explained it to him. A few days later he found this back massager and its now his razor. He props his leg up on the side of the tub, and "shaves" his legs. Such a cutie! You can also see his lovely tub drawings. Our little artist.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quick note!

I am feeling better. Not the greatest but better. I still have bad mornings and great evenings and Ive been pushing myself a lot more which seems to help. I am just enjoying it right now. I hate the morning throwing up and dread night time but I already cant sleep and the only thing that gave me comfort was sleeping on my belly but as of the last week that makes me sick to my stomach, poor baby I must be smooshing it. Since I dont look pregnant sometimes I forget that Im over 1/3 of the way there and the baby is getting big, DONT SMOOSH IT !!! :O) I have about 2-4 hours of morning sickness (just in the morning) and the heart burn at night, Im learning what to shy away from. And having slighty odd cravings. The latest, Lasagna smothered in Italian Dressing, crazy I know! Anyway, I am enjoying it and trying not to think about it, maybe it will go faster. I have been having lots of headaches and dizzy spells with passing out spells, the doctor is running tests on Friday, hopefully we will figure this out.

Landon has also learned about a million new words. Here is a quick couple or more:


DORA ( I hate that one, I dont like Dora, unlearn that word)
a ton of animal sounds and
everybodys names (those are fun to figure out)

And lots more!!!

BABY GOES EVERYWHERE WITH HIM NOW! And baby always has to do what Landon does, swing, sleep, eat! He will be a GREAT big brother!
Okay so that my quick not so quick note! Dont forget to check out the post below this its new too!

Catch UP!

Okay, so this is a catch up but I promised a pregnancy picture. So this is me at 15 weeks. Still not one pound gained and most days I dont even feel like I am showing. With Landon I got so big so fast, not the case with this baby! Maybe this time I wont look like Im having twins or triplets at 32 weeks prego. Wish me luck, we are off to a great start. Ill post more soon.

So I have not uploaded pictures in ages it seems like, so I figured I would play catch up for the next few days, instead of overwhelming you with a ton all at once. So here is our pictures from our Early Christmas with my brother Micah. (the one thats overseas right now) Landon loves to clap and say yeah! He loves it when you let him know he did something good.

My brother got his cookie monster shirt when he came and stayed with us our first year of marriage in Alabama. We could not believe our luck when we found one that matched in Landons size right before Micah came for christmas. It was too perfect and fun we had to get it.
Okay, So oh my gosh I look tan! Wish I looked like that all the time. :O)
Noahs present from my brother for Christmas. Noahs new ride! Now he does not have to walk to work.
Landon loves Micah. He points at his picture now and asks for Micah all the time. He really adores him, and Micah adores Landon too. Still holding out Micahs back in time for the next baby. For any who want to know, he is doing great and loves his job over there, he is having a blast. But is really sick of shaving!!

Landon opening his present from Uncle Micah. (so glad the binky is gone, and only for bed time now!)