Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Updates updates and more updates

So am I a total slacker or what? I have been so busy taking care of a busy as can be 18 month old and dealing with the incredibly horrible fatigue and nausea that I have not had much time to do a whole lot of anything. I just finally balanced the check book and checked my email for the first time since we have been back from Alaska. I am slowly getting over the throwing up part of the pregnancy, its still there but not as bad as it was. The fatigue is really the worst part, I feel like a ran in a marathon all day and all night, my body just does not want to cooperate. I already am having trouble sleeping and horrible heart burn, what is up with that? I did not get that until I was like 30 weeks with Landon, oh well, as the doctor always says, "Every pregnancy and birth is different." (by the way, thats my least favorite doctors line) We are all doing good though. They did give me a new due date however. I kept telling them that I was charting and so pretty much knew right what I got pregnant and that I thought I was three weeks behind what they had me at. So when they did the ultrasound the doctor was like "Oh your only 10 weeks, looks like you were right." (of course!!!) I love my new doctor, he is wonderful. I would much rather have a male OD/GYN then a female, just personal preference. So now the due date is August 12th, if its early it will be right on Landons, July 31st or if its late, right around mine, August 18th. Poor kid, its right in the mix!!! We will have to make it extra special for Landon and the baby. When I was little I swore I would never have kids whose births were really close together. Just goes to show you should not make such silly goals when your little. :O)

So Im 12 weeks today!!! Yippy! It was so funny trying to figure out the due date because its a leap year, so they were having some issues coming up with the correct date. (not that it really matters, they come with they want too, but a day earlier due date means that is this baby wants to be 2 weeks late like Landon, then they will induce a whole day earlier. :O) hopefully it will not come to that though)

I promised a picture to some of you. And Im working on it, the computer whoever had to be totally wiped clean and then reconfigured so our scanner is not at the moment working. I have invested in the skills of my father to help me figure this out, and when he does, Ill post a picture. :O)

Quick update on my brother. He has been in Kuwait for about 24 days now and has had one day off. His highlights have been that he got to drive the presidential escort. (I told him next time he see the Pres. to tell him how much his sister loves him and thinks he is a great guy, he promised me he would.) I would love to meet the president, I really do like him and all that he is doing, I think he gets too much crap from people who dont really have any idea what they are talking about. Anyway back to my brother. Scarlett Johanson came over to support the troops and my brother got to meet her and give her a hug. He has decided that after his time in the military he is going to be an actor and marry her. :O) Pretty lofty goals. He is doing great and loving he job and enjoying his time there, I suppose thats good since they extended his tour another 2 months making it about 9-10 now. I am really sad thought because he will not be here when the baby is born. And he will be getting back just in time for Noah to leave, :O( thus is the military life I suppose.

Landon is talking up a storm and talking in sentences. He loves to say Oh Man. And Oh no, again! He repeats everything and retains every thing he just soaks it up like a sponge. My baby is now in Nursery and loves it, he is ready for us to leave and does not want us to pick him up. He mostly eats the crayons instead of coloring, but he is making some pretty pictures. Ill post some one of these days. He also loves to read. He sits down in his little chair with a bunch of books next to him and "reads" he also brings us books to read and sits down in our lap to read. His new love is Elmo, Elmo, and more Elmo. Anytime he sees or hears Elmo, he gets so excited and just says Elmo over and over again. His speech is getting so much better and so many of his words are perfect and totally legible. He communicates so well. He knows more words then I can count and will just sit and talk to us and tell us things. We will tell him things and he most knows what we are talking about. Noah and I are getting to where we have to spell so many things to each other because Landon understands everything. He also knows there is a baby in my tummy. He will come over and pull up my shirt and say baby, and rub my tummy, or tickle it, and give it kisses, he also shares his binky, toys and juice with the baby. He is mastering the fork and can feed himself so well. He LOVES to take bathes and its a fight to get him out of the tub even after an hour of tub time. He is a silly silly boy and so much fun. He loves to fold his arms and say a prayer, he has not mastered Amen, its OKAY! instead.

Well I better go, Ive spent too much time on here already. :O) Enjoy! Sorry it took so long, hopefully next time will be better.