Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yet again......alas it was not meant to be!

So little vent session here. Alabama loses the Iron Bowl again, what is this like year six in a row. So I love Alabama and will never turn my back on them, but this is getting a little ridiculous, I mean come on win again. Granted they have still beat Auburn more then Auburn has beat them, but I am so ready for them to win again.

So we sit down to watch the game that EVERYONE told us was going to be on national television, we are flipping through the channels and can not find it, Im sitting there thinking, what idiots are not going to play the IRON BOWL on their station, surely no one in their right mind would do that, so after many passed through the local channels and nothing even slightly resembling the Iron Bowl being found, I get online and guess what!? I suppose we are dealing with a bunch of idiots. Its ONLY being shown on ESPN. The local and national networks decided that they would rather show the Kentucky/ Tennesse game and the Flordia/Flordia State game, oh and then "local news." So here comes the maddening part I dont have ESPN are you kidding me, my husband is an A1C in the military. If I had nown ahead of time that this was going to happen I would have paid for a month of cable just to get the game, or found a babysitter to watch Landon so Noah and I could go out somewhere to watch the game. Any heads up, forwarning? No way! The decision is made THE NIGHT BEFORE! So no hope for me at all.

There we are figure out where we could go to watch it with Landon, and calling all of our friends who have cable but they are either out of town or not answering their phone. It was as if they knew that this was the most pivital time in sports history for me and they want to make me cry. So we check the radio, (fat chance) hoping against all hope that its on there, no such luck either! Only local games and UCLA!! I dont care about what high school beat what high school or even about UCLA! I want BAMA!!!!!! Now because I love the game and the team so much, I resort to the lowest possible means, and watch a "play by play" update on Now this is not a cool video where I can see what awesome, amazing, spectacular play that was just made....nope its just a little message that pops up every now and then saying"4th and 1 on own 39" or "1st and 10 on AUB 10" along with who made the play and the yards gained. Sometimes it would even take 20 minutes to update and so I would go browsing sites trying to get an update on the score. At one time when Bama got a touchdown, I found it on another website 10 minutes before my "play by play" even said anything.

So I sit in front of the computer for 3 hours watching this "play by play" so I can feel a little bit like Im watching the game. The only game, mind you that we ever get on TV here in Vegas since its so far away from Bama lines. :O( It was however I have to admit a very close game and even a nail biter from my "play by play" end. I cant even imagine what it must have been like at Jordan Hare stadium during the game fans going crazy, jumping up and down, screaming and cheering at the top of their lungs, MAN WOULD I GIVE ANYTHING TO BE THERE!!!!or even at the very least at the sports bars watching it on ESPN. I was cheering and I was not even watching anything.

And so thus its ends after many turn overs and badly kicked field goals from both sides, along with interceptions and long drives the game ends with just a touchdown and extra point looming over Alabama!!! 10-17 a sad sad day for Alabama fans. We WILL get them next year, go ahead and gloat all you want Auburn fans, because your day will end and the Crimson and white will rule the Iron Bowl again. You cant beat the stampede, we will crush you tigers next year!

And now Im done venting!! Please dont judge me to harshly! Football brings out a whole new side to me!!! (the closet crazy football fanatic Aurie) So now you know, hate me if you want to, love me if you can! :O)


mikensi.jung said...

man. i wish i had a football team to cheer for. i'm glad you aren't turning your back on them because they need your fan-ship. lol.. that was lame. anyway- i'll have to find me a football team. california or somethin. :p thanks for the comments! and of course, i'll be happy to take pictures for your kids when they get to that point! ;) maybe i'll keep my FREE rate goin... lol! we'll see if i make it to the big money w/ photography. gotta buy me a more "guder" camera.

Boston Family said...

Awww...what a sad day for you. I won't even say more about that cause you know I watched it here in the great state of Alabama. My fav. part was when the Auburn guy got bit by the dog on the sidelines! Better luck next year for ya!