Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thankful thoughts and traditions!

So I was thinking about the true meaning of the holidays and how they have gotten so commercialized and that very few people still focus on the meaning of christmas (or the holidays). So I got to thinking about this Thanksgiving and all the things I am thankful for:

My wonderful husband and his support in all I do. He encourages me and and lets me ramble on about my ideas and crafts (even though Im sure half the time he really does not hear a word I say.) He still "listens"

My wonderful son who brightens each and every day and brings something new to our how all the time. (He has learned to say "Us at" (whats that?) "dayd dow" (there you go) "tanta" (santa)on top of "ball, dada, mama, aurie, more, juice, milk, tree, thank you, please, bath, eat, drink....the list goes on) he has also learned the sign language sign for all done! Thats a big help.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the true church restored to this earth in these latter days. I am so greatful to be a part of it and to know the things that I know. To know that my father in heaven and my brother Jesus Christ love me and know me personally.

The birth of my Savior and friend.

The military.

Noahs wonderful job that takes such good care of us.

Unlimited free health care.

Free warm house

A new car with all the things that I have been dieing for to make my life a little easier

Being about to afford to go home for christmas and visit with the in laws

Food and clothes

Good friends who support and love me

My calling, one where I can get to know and help those sisters in need.

A free country where I have the right to pray and go to church as I please

I have a ton more but not all the time in the world. :O)


Sausage balls Thanksgiving morning before the big dinner/ lunch

Cooking all day getting ready for the meal

Watching the parade and football (GO COLTS!!!)

Putting up the tree after dinner

Watching Christmas movies and eating leftovers the next day.

Putting up the rest of the indoor and outdoor decorations the next day

Spending precious time with family

I would like to know your traditions! So let me know!!! Happy Holidays!!!

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