Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So Ive been busy all evening cooking the pies, bread and rolls for tommorow. Im sure I will be up bright and early to cook the bird and all the rest of the fixings. :O) Im excited, I love Thanksgiving and all that it entales, I love cooking and having an excuse to have people over and go all out. Two Easters ago while Noah was at basic I went to my friend Amy's parents house and ate dinner there. For some reason her sisters funeral potatoes have stuck with me and every holiday since then they are all I can think about (besides the meat!) I was just thinking of that and thought I would share.

I apoligize for the glare, no matter how I took the pictures it was still there. On this one It says "the Laundry room, loads of fun." I painted it brown and then took vanilla paint and rubbed it on with a paper towel then I got another wet paper towel and went over that to wipe it down. The lettering in in aged copper.
I painted a dark pumpkin orange and then went over that with a smaller brush in light orange. I then put a bow with pumpkins on it and gold glitter on the top

I painted the board a autumn brown and then spray laquer over the top to make it shinny.

So today I also did some more craft projects and thought I would post them to share. I really need to work on scrapbooking, but alas I have been slacking in that department. I have however been making my christmas cards and other such crafts so I have not totally been bad. :O)
Sorry the pictures did not turn out to well. I think its cause I made them small! Sorry! I dont really have time to explain them all so youll have to look close and figure it out. :O) jk!
This one says Christmas Blessings.Celebrate!Bug me anytime!Friend over italian sayingsThinking of youthanks over the defenitionUdderly ExhaustedMy FriendHappy Holidays, (a tree for all seasons)Cherish (over the defenition)Thankful thoughts (embosed in gold)

Hope you enjoy~ Just thought I would share! Off the make the corn bread for tommorow~!



Boston Family said...

Yep! Those funeral potatoes are something to remember! Yummy!!!
Your cards and crafts look great. My favs are the laundry sign and the friends card with the italian writing. Very pretty! So where do you buy the vinyl letters? I want a laundy sign!!!

mikensi.jung said...

yeah.. i liked that laundry sign, too! i'd love to go to vegas and visit my buddies out there.. then i could see you and your fam! :) i loved all your cards-- i wanna do that... maybe once i get settled somewhere... whenever that will be! love you :)