Friday, November 09, 2007


So I have not blogged in awhile and its because my list as we know it has been under fire. Craziness from all sides hitting me, thank goodness Heavenly Fathers on my side. So here goes "brief" run down.

Noah is working weekends and I have Landon at church all by myself. Can you say never sitting or hearing a thing.

Our car broke down, capute right there on the highway, dead as a door nail, over 4000 to fix (redo all the engine) NO WAY! So we had to buy a new car and trade ours in. Now Im a minivan mom, but its a "pimpin" minivan, leather seats, low miles, DVD player, power doors and windows, sunroof, its the mini of the mini vans so its built like an SUV, LOVE THAT. Spent 11 hours at the dealership getting the car.

A friend is taking the discussions but the missionaries are calling all the time to ask me how she is doing. Its stressing me out, how much they call.

Got approved for the loan but now they are saying that we have to wait a little bit longer. AHHH we dont have till monday.

Trying to get all christmas presents done, I am crazy and took on way to big of a task for everyones presents and now have to finish them.

Working on my christmas cards.

Cleaning the house, daily top to bottom because I have a son who finds anything and everything and well either ruins it himself, eats it, breaks it or feeds it to the dog.

The dog chewed up one of my cricut cartridges (80 bucks). No Idea how she goes it off the 3rd shelf she is only a foot tall on her hind legs.... ahhhhh trying not to kill her.

Trying to visit all my inactive ladies from church.

Trying to clear out the junk and sell it all.

Organizing all my paperwork.

And most all of this I can only do when Landon is napping because we play sooo much when he is awake, and at night when Noah is home its just our time and we cuddle and watch a movie, if we are lucky eat some icecream too. :O)

So if I have neglected any of you, its not on purpose, its just because my life right now, is CRAZY CRAZY and MORE CRAZY!!!! (but in a great way and Im loving every minute of it)

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Boston Family said...

Sorry things have been so crazy for you lately. Hang in there. Love ya!