Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yet again......alas it was not meant to be!

So little vent session here. Alabama loses the Iron Bowl again, what is this like year six in a row. So I love Alabama and will never turn my back on them, but this is getting a little ridiculous, I mean come on win again. Granted they have still beat Auburn more then Auburn has beat them, but I am so ready for them to win again.

So we sit down to watch the game that EVERYONE told us was going to be on national television, we are flipping through the channels and can not find it, Im sitting there thinking, what idiots are not going to play the IRON BOWL on their station, surely no one in their right mind would do that, so after many passed through the local channels and nothing even slightly resembling the Iron Bowl being found, I get online and guess what!? I suppose we are dealing with a bunch of idiots. Its ONLY being shown on ESPN. The local and national networks decided that they would rather show the Kentucky/ Tennesse game and the Flordia/Flordia State game, oh and then "local news." So here comes the maddening part I dont have ESPN are you kidding me, my husband is an A1C in the military. If I had nown ahead of time that this was going to happen I would have paid for a month of cable just to get the game, or found a babysitter to watch Landon so Noah and I could go out somewhere to watch the game. Any heads up, forwarning? No way! The decision is made THE NIGHT BEFORE! So no hope for me at all.

There we are figure out where we could go to watch it with Landon, and calling all of our friends who have cable but they are either out of town or not answering their phone. It was as if they knew that this was the most pivital time in sports history for me and they want to make me cry. So we check the radio, (fat chance) hoping against all hope that its on there, no such luck either! Only local games and UCLA!! I dont care about what high school beat what high school or even about UCLA! I want BAMA!!!!!! Now because I love the game and the team so much, I resort to the lowest possible means, and watch a "play by play" update on Now this is not a cool video where I can see what awesome, amazing, spectacular play that was just made....nope its just a little message that pops up every now and then saying"4th and 1 on own 39" or "1st and 10 on AUB 10" along with who made the play and the yards gained. Sometimes it would even take 20 minutes to update and so I would go browsing sites trying to get an update on the score. At one time when Bama got a touchdown, I found it on another website 10 minutes before my "play by play" even said anything.

So I sit in front of the computer for 3 hours watching this "play by play" so I can feel a little bit like Im watching the game. The only game, mind you that we ever get on TV here in Vegas since its so far away from Bama lines. :O( It was however I have to admit a very close game and even a nail biter from my "play by play" end. I cant even imagine what it must have been like at Jordan Hare stadium during the game fans going crazy, jumping up and down, screaming and cheering at the top of their lungs, MAN WOULD I GIVE ANYTHING TO BE THERE!!!!or even at the very least at the sports bars watching it on ESPN. I was cheering and I was not even watching anything.

And so thus its ends after many turn overs and badly kicked field goals from both sides, along with interceptions and long drives the game ends with just a touchdown and extra point looming over Alabama!!! 10-17 a sad sad day for Alabama fans. We WILL get them next year, go ahead and gloat all you want Auburn fans, because your day will end and the Crimson and white will rule the Iron Bowl again. You cant beat the stampede, we will crush you tigers next year!

And now Im done venting!! Please dont judge me to harshly! Football brings out a whole new side to me!!! (the closet crazy football fanatic Aurie) So now you know, hate me if you want to, love me if you can! :O)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thankful thoughts and traditions!

So I was thinking about the true meaning of the holidays and how they have gotten so commercialized and that very few people still focus on the meaning of christmas (or the holidays). So I got to thinking about this Thanksgiving and all the things I am thankful for:

My wonderful husband and his support in all I do. He encourages me and and lets me ramble on about my ideas and crafts (even though Im sure half the time he really does not hear a word I say.) He still "listens"

My wonderful son who brightens each and every day and brings something new to our how all the time. (He has learned to say "Us at" (whats that?) "dayd dow" (there you go) "tanta" (santa)on top of "ball, dada, mama, aurie, more, juice, milk, tree, thank you, please, bath, eat, drink....the list goes on) he has also learned the sign language sign for all done! Thats a big help.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the true church restored to this earth in these latter days. I am so greatful to be a part of it and to know the things that I know. To know that my father in heaven and my brother Jesus Christ love me and know me personally.

The birth of my Savior and friend.

The military.

Noahs wonderful job that takes such good care of us.

Unlimited free health care.

Free warm house

A new car with all the things that I have been dieing for to make my life a little easier

Being about to afford to go home for christmas and visit with the in laws

Food and clothes

Good friends who support and love me

My calling, one where I can get to know and help those sisters in need.

A free country where I have the right to pray and go to church as I please

I have a ton more but not all the time in the world. :O)


Sausage balls Thanksgiving morning before the big dinner/ lunch

Cooking all day getting ready for the meal

Watching the parade and football (GO COLTS!!!)

Putting up the tree after dinner

Watching Christmas movies and eating leftovers the next day.

Putting up the rest of the indoor and outdoor decorations the next day

Spending precious time with family

I would like to know your traditions! So let me know!!! Happy Holidays!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So Ive been busy all evening cooking the pies, bread and rolls for tommorow. Im sure I will be up bright and early to cook the bird and all the rest of the fixings. :O) Im excited, I love Thanksgiving and all that it entales, I love cooking and having an excuse to have people over and go all out. Two Easters ago while Noah was at basic I went to my friend Amy's parents house and ate dinner there. For some reason her sisters funeral potatoes have stuck with me and every holiday since then they are all I can think about (besides the meat!) I was just thinking of that and thought I would share.

I apoligize for the glare, no matter how I took the pictures it was still there. On this one It says "the Laundry room, loads of fun." I painted it brown and then took vanilla paint and rubbed it on with a paper towel then I got another wet paper towel and went over that to wipe it down. The lettering in in aged copper.
I painted a dark pumpkin orange and then went over that with a smaller brush in light orange. I then put a bow with pumpkins on it and gold glitter on the top

I painted the board a autumn brown and then spray laquer over the top to make it shinny.

So today I also did some more craft projects and thought I would post them to share. I really need to work on scrapbooking, but alas I have been slacking in that department. I have however been making my christmas cards and other such crafts so I have not totally been bad. :O)
Sorry the pictures did not turn out to well. I think its cause I made them small! Sorry! I dont really have time to explain them all so youll have to look close and figure it out. :O) jk!
This one says Christmas Blessings.Celebrate!Bug me anytime!Friend over italian sayingsThinking of youthanks over the defenitionUdderly ExhaustedMy FriendHappy Holidays, (a tree for all seasons)Cherish (over the defenition)Thankful thoughts (embosed in gold)

Hope you enjoy~ Just thought I would share! Off the make the corn bread for tommorow~!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

We got skillz!!!

A friend on mine had one of her family on her page and I was crying I was laughing so hard. Hope yall enjoy our moves!!!!

Friday, November 09, 2007


So I have not blogged in awhile and its because my list as we know it has been under fire. Craziness from all sides hitting me, thank goodness Heavenly Fathers on my side. So here goes "brief" run down.

Noah is working weekends and I have Landon at church all by myself. Can you say never sitting or hearing a thing.

Our car broke down, capute right there on the highway, dead as a door nail, over 4000 to fix (redo all the engine) NO WAY! So we had to buy a new car and trade ours in. Now Im a minivan mom, but its a "pimpin" minivan, leather seats, low miles, DVD player, power doors and windows, sunroof, its the mini of the mini vans so its built like an SUV, LOVE THAT. Spent 11 hours at the dealership getting the car.

A friend is taking the discussions but the missionaries are calling all the time to ask me how she is doing. Its stressing me out, how much they call.

Got approved for the loan but now they are saying that we have to wait a little bit longer. AHHH we dont have till monday.

Trying to get all christmas presents done, I am crazy and took on way to big of a task for everyones presents and now have to finish them.

Working on my christmas cards.

Cleaning the house, daily top to bottom because I have a son who finds anything and everything and well either ruins it himself, eats it, breaks it or feeds it to the dog.

The dog chewed up one of my cricut cartridges (80 bucks). No Idea how she goes it off the 3rd shelf she is only a foot tall on her hind legs.... ahhhhh trying not to kill her.

Trying to visit all my inactive ladies from church.

Trying to clear out the junk and sell it all.

Organizing all my paperwork.

And most all of this I can only do when Landon is napping because we play sooo much when he is awake, and at night when Noah is home its just our time and we cuddle and watch a movie, if we are lucky eat some icecream too. :O)

So if I have neglected any of you, its not on purpose, its just because my life right now, is CRAZY CRAZY and MORE CRAZY!!!! (but in a great way and Im loving every minute of it)