Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Random as can be!

Here are just some random pictures we have taken over the last few weeks.
These two above were taken at a petting zoo here is Vegas. Landon had a blast, a friend of ours has most the pictures on her camera these are the best I had, but he petted a goat, a sheep, a pig and a duck.

His new back pack. We got it at Airmans attic and he takes that thing every where with him, he cries when it falls down and then he drags it everywhere.
One of Landons halloween costumes, not sure which we will use!!! Too cute though
Landon and daddy eating pizza at the big boy table for daddies birthday.

Landon loves his tickle me elmo!!!

My friend in Alabama, Amy, bought Landon an Alabama shirt, and sent it too him, so we took some pictures of him in it to show.
Landon brings us his shoes to put on and when we put them on he goes to the door and is ready to go and tries to open it and then tells us bye bye and waves to us.

Landons "crocs" that his mimi sent.

Landon and Noah love to play catch together in the back yard
After I got my eyes dialated Landon wanted to wear the glasses they give you. He wore them off and on most of the day.
He love to climb on here. Just the other day however he fell off of it and now has a big bump and bruise on his head. Scared his mommy and daddy to death.

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Boston Family said...

He sure looks cute in the shirt!!! By the way, I LOVE the new family pic!