Saturday, October 27, 2007

My latest and.......greatest? craft projects

So here they are, my latest craft projects, the ones that have made my fingers unidenifiable. :O)

They have been lots of fun making and I hope you enjoy them, maybe get some ideas of your own, or get in the crafty spirit. :O) (more pics to come when my unfinished projects are finished.) I bought the board at Micheals and painted it and bought a little ghost and painted him then I wrote on my saying and used little ghost stickers for the baby ghosts. Its hanging on our front door!
I bought a long board at Lowes and had them cut it to size and then I roughed it up a bit to give it the rough look them I painted it and even though you cant see it in the picture sanded some of it to give it the rustic look, then I added on vinyl letters that I bought online. Hangin in dining room!
This one was easy and too cute I think and I have two more in the house, Ill take pictures of them later. I bought the tile at Lowes for about a dollar and then I got vinyl lettering to fit a tile and rubbed it on. Easy and fun!

I bought a long piece of squared wood at Lowes and had them cut it down to several sizes, I then sanded them down to be smooth and rounded all the edges then I painted them with several coats and attached my vinyl letters. I have one for Thanksgiving and Ill take a picture when I put it out. The Little leaf guys are just foam cut outs in little flower pots attached with dowles and little faces drawn on with some embelishments (ribbon and beads) they also have clothes pins on the back so I can attached pictures to them.
These were also fun but a lot of work, just because I am picky and wanted it just right. Again the wood is Lowes, cut down and sanded, then I painted several coats on and hand sanded it till it was all the same texture. Even though you can not see it in the picture I rough up and removed the color from around the edges till the wood showed through in places and then I attached some more vinyl lettering.... can you tell I like the vinyl lettering.
I bought the scarecrows and the basket at walmart. I got a foam ball and shaved it down to fit then I got a bunch of little fall looking pins and decorations and arranged then around and either stuck them in or hot glued them in, depending on what they were, then I stuck in my scarecrows, I like it because I can take the scarecrows out for easy storage.
This is above our front door, inside the house. I bought the board at Micheals, painted it (a black underneath and then a litle tan over the top) I painted it two colors and sanded it so that it would have more depth and a better finish, its hard to tell in the picture. And then again applied the tried and true VINYL LETTERING!!!!
I bought the letters and the little "ghouls and goblins" at Micheals, painted them, attached the letters and bat with wireing then tied on the ribbon painted my little friends and hot glued them to the letters. It was lots of fun and I am very pleased with the outcome.
Hope you enjoy! HAppY FaLL!


Bill and Tara said...

Wow, you have been busy!! I wish we could do some projects together, I am SO behind and I love how creative you have been! Bill leaves for 2 weeks, I am hoping that will be my time to get some projects done. I just love all the signs you have made. I need to learn more about that vinyl lettering, I hear lots of women talk about it, I guess it can go anywhere? Well, everything looks great, good job Aurie!!!

mikensi.jung said...

look how cute! you are so crafty! they all look so good!

Rachel said...

Lots of great projects!

Boston Family said...

Way to go! Cool stuff. You are one busy lady!

Christy said...

Great job on all of your projects. Just wondering where you buy your vinyl letters from?