Sunday, October 07, 2007

Grateful, miracles, and simple pleasures

During Conference today Henry B. Eyring spoke about writing things down. It really hit home for me and as the day progressed I noticed more of the things around me that I am thankful for and I decided that since this blog is really my "jornaling" if you can call it that and since as of this moment I dont have a journal, that I would try to write down everyday the things that I noticed through out the day that put a smile on my face, made me feel happy and loved, or that touch me in some way. So here goes, I am going to shoot for 5 at the least, should be easy enough, because I feel very blessed so here goes:

1.I was outside playing in the back yard with Landon and Noah and Noah made a comment about the grass. I took off my sandals and layed my bare feet on the ground and just relaxed and let the cool feeling on the grass caress my feet. It was so peaceful and heart warming, to know that even in a place like Las Vegas, which I do not like, that I could find peace in the small simple things that God has created for us.

2. Watching conference and getting as much out of it as I could with a 1 year old pulling at my pants and arms and hair. Being able to sustain a new general authority and a new member of the quorom of the twelve and of the seventy. Knowing that this is the true church on this earth and that we do have modern day revelation, that we are guided and directed by a true prophet of God on this earth.

3. Eating a big breakfast and a big dinner, with two wonderful couples (Sunny and John, and Kirsten and John) and their children (Maren, soon to be Eliza, and Ila) whom we love so much. To be able to share in the joys of the gosple with people of the same faith. To watch our children play together and watch them learn and grow together.

4. To get such wonderful sweet kisses from my beautiful son, one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever been given, and a true light and joy in my life. To ask Landon for a kiss and him come running to give it to me. Or to be sitting there and him run up out of the blue with his mouth wide open ready to give me a kiss. He has been so cuddly lately and today started giving hugs when asked. He gave Maren one and me one and Noah one out of nowhere, it was precious and truly showed me how sweet these spirits so fresh from God are.

5. Two whole days in a row where Noah and I have been able to take a nap together while Landon is napping, (a rariety in this house). To be able to relax enough, and not worry about the house, or dinner or cleaning, long enough to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like cuddling with my husband and falling asleep in his arms.

6. 3 days running where Annabelle has not peed or pooped in the house.

7. Taking a Landon free shower after he was in bed, only the second one in a month and a half. Man does that kid love the shower.

8. Eating home made cookies (that I did not make) that were wheat free. Sunny made them for us and they were so yummy. Kirsten made us wheat free bread, pie and lasagna last Sunday, and Sunny the cookies today, its so nice to know that our friends love us a care about us enough to hunt down wheat free recipes and go through the trouble of making them for us.

9. Finally its fall and I can start burning my fall smelling candles. Every fall it amazes me how our house seems to be so much more relaxing and inviting just simply by buring a candle. I am going to have to find some candles that do that same thing to burn all year, (we will see if it does the same thing.) :O)

10. All three of us in our house and all of our family being in good health.

(lots more but Noah is waiting for me to go to bed.) :O)

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CLAMES said...

Your post inspired me to just now go and look for my Apple Clove candle and light it!
I love fall too and all the smells and colors associated with the season.