Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cowboy Boots and camo pants!!! wait no pants!

Landons mimi sent him some cowboy boots a while back and they finally fit him. For the last two days he has brought them to me first thing in the morning and keeps them on the whole day. He does not want to take them off. He loves them!!!
He has also gotten to where some times when I say its time for nap or time to change your diaper, he will come and lay down on the floor in front of me and wait. He does not wait too long, but he does wait for a few seconds.
He also loves the outdoors and wants to be outside all day, when the door ever opens no matter where he is in the house he will hear it and come running and then cry when you dont let him out, thank goodness we has a gate around our porch and a fence in our back yard, so he cant escape, but Annabelle can through the gate, so we have to chase her down. :O(
Landon also claps about everything. He has a movie where at the end two penguins race and stands there every time claping and squealing for the penguins. Its precious! He will also build up blocks and knock them over and then clap, fill up baskets and dump them out and then clap. He claps for everything and loves it when you clap for him. If he has fallen and is not sure weither to cry or get up and go on, if we just clap he will smile and clap too then get up and be fine.
Well hope you enjoy, its been a bit since Ive given and update so I figured I would. :O)


CLAMES said...

What a cute family! I saw your comment and I was trying to figure out who the Jenkins Family was. :)
Aren't blogs a great way to keep in touch?!
It looks like you and your family are doing great. I look forward to checking in and reading you blog from now on.

Melanie said...

Hey Aurie, It is good to see how you are doing. Your family looks awesome.

Bill and Tara said...

Love the boots, I am a boot fan myself. :) Clappy seems to be a stage they do not grow out of anytime soon, I love it! Eddie is just starting to get excited when we clap for EVERY mouthful of food he eats, good times. :)